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In the past few days, I waited for Liu He Tian Yi Sword’s sheath to be completed, so I did not feel like going anywhere.

In the morning, Zhi Yan meditated in Zhuo Chen Hall. While I effortlessly criticized her for formerly being pampered and spoiled since childhood, for not being serious in her cultivation practice, and for having an incomplete knowledge from books. Zhi Yan clenched her teeth in acknowledgment. In the afternoon, I sent Zhi Yan down the mountain to burn paper offerings for me. When she came back, I asked how many people she got to burn for me. Once again, I effortlessly criticized her for not having the charisma to entice others. Zhi Yan still clenched her teeth at being bullied.

Into the evening, there was nothing that needed to be done, so I did not want to take possession of her body to go anywhere and left her body for her to use as she pleased. Zhi Yan felt weird, left her body, and started to ask me: “Lu Zhao Yao, why are you out of sorts today, opening your mouth to mock people? Are you in a bad mood, so you’re bullying me to regain equilibrium?”

I laid in bed with my legs crossed and glanced at her: “Your master is very gratified.”

“What are you gratified about?”

“At least for once, you finally realized that I’m bullying you.”


“You can only bully me like this.” Since she had been living with me for a while, Zhi Yan began to defiantly talk back to me. She turned towards the bed to sit and swept a glance at me, “If you have the ability, then go bully Li Chen Lan. Don’t tell him whatnots like this young lady concede defeat. A Great Demon King like you who may not resent losing face, but I’m your disciple who still resents losing face.”

I closed my eyes, did not get angry with her, and leisurely swayed my crossed legs back and forth, “Don’t worry, once Liu He Tian Yi Sword is back, then I’ll find an opportunity to kill him.”

Zhi Yan heard my words and was stunned for a long time. Suddenly, she immediately turned around and asked me, “You want to kill him?” The tone of her voice almost kind of fluctuated.

I widened my eyes and looked at her: “Oh, I didn’t tell you?”

Zhi Yan quickly sat up straight to face me: “Didn’t you say you wanted to seduce him? Then make him gladly and willingly help go avenge me.”

“You remembered it wrong, what I said was the two of us will talk about a business deal.” I closed my eyes and continued to sway my legs, “You lend me your body, I go and do something, and then I will help avenge you.”

“Yes, but you didn’t say you want to…”

“There is no conflict between killing Li Chen Lan and helping you get revenge.” I raised my hand to stop her, “Right now, we’ve seduced him to almost being completely seduced. I will make him help avenge you first, and then I will kill him. Or I will kill him first, and then help avenge you; it’s really all one or two days of work. In the next two days, you must swindle him to give you a few Nine Reversal Pills, d

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