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When the subordinate behind Jiang Wu heard him speaking to me like this, he sighed and helplessly called out: “A Wu.”

Jiang Wu turned his head and used a few words to deal with him.

While those two exchanged words, I was pondering. If I collaborated with Jiang Wu, he would definitely not serve me and it was impossible for me to be his subordinate, too. The best compromise was for me and him to be on equal footing.

Then the next problem is, I was the latecomer, what could I do to achieve the same privilege as Jiang Wu in his team?

Currently, I was not Lu Zhao Yao, so I had no formidable strength. Also, Jiang Wu was not Mo Qing, so I could not handle him like I do Mo QIng, every day be by his side to seduce him. The only thing I could think of was to bargain a deal with Jiang Wu. It was to give their organization what they needed most and it was the first-hand intelligence that I have in my possession about Mo Qing.

The intelligence that Mo Qing wanted to cooperate with Qin Qian Xian.

No matter how ferocious Jiang Wu was, he could not withstand simultaneous attacks by both Wan Lu Sect and Qian Chen Sect. Right now, they still did not know that their organization was on the brink of life and death. If I could provide them with the intelligence to let them avoid the ambush, then later it would not be an impossibility for them to find another opportunity for a counterattack.

When that moment comes, Jiang Wu’s group of men would help me handle the Dark Guards and I would take advantage of the confusion to kill Mo Qing.

I clearly ordered my own trump card and arranged my own plan. Over there, I saw the people burning paper offerings was about to run out, so I turned my head towards Jiang Wu and said: “How about we talk about a business deal?”

Jiang Wu became rather interested and narrowed his eyes: “Huh? Deal? Want me to help burn ghost money for Lu Zhao Yao again?”

“It is best to burn one more time but this was not what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Jiang Wu smiled: “You have that much confidence to talk about a business deal with me?” His hand reached out to grab my neck, as if to choke me, “You must know, I am someone who can end your life with one hand.”

I did not avoid it because in his eyes the murderous aura was nonexistent. I knew that he only intended to intimidate me. Just like how I was usually fond of scaring little children, he really did not want to kill me. However, when I was planning to rationally talk about the business deal with him, a sword suddenly inserted itself sideways and distractedly forced Jiang Wu’s hand to retreat back.

The person that just came vibrated from head to toe with energy but Jiang Wu was also unwilling to be surpassed. The two opposing energy currents collided with each other that made Jiang Wu take a slight step back but the person that just appeared violently took three steps back. What was even more unreasonable was that his hand was in front of my body,

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