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I carefully discussed the plan with Zhi Yan. In the early wee moments of the next day, I would take possession of Zhi Yan’s body to go find Mo Qing. Then I would instant travel together with him to Jin Zhou City. First, we would find a place in Jin Zhou City and wait for morning to come. By then, Zhi Yan’s soul would have automatically return, therefore, she would also be there.

Then during the day, we would look for a guest house to stay in and make Mo Qing use his entire body of naturally demonic aura to serve as a shield. Even though, there would still be some wounds on his body, but it would still be nothing difficult to conceal the mixture of celestial and demonic auras in Zhi Yan’s body.

When evening comes, Zhi Yan and I would leave her corporeal body and sneak into Jian Xian Sect to scout for information.

If I got to see that famous malicious spirit, I would serve as a bridge between Zhi Yan and her father. Then from her father’s mouth, I would know the truth of his death and gather the information.

I planned it out quite well and actually followed through with the plan.

When night came, I instant traveled to Jin Zhou City together with Mo Qing. Compared to the secularly flourishing Jiang City and the never-stop-to-sleep Feng Zhou City, Jin Zhou City appeared so much more solemn and quiet. It was just like those capitals of the human dynasties, solemn and serene.

It was super late and this large city was already completely blanketed with a magical prohibition array; it was so tightly secured that even people were unable to instant travel into the city. The city gates were locked and was closely guarded; the patrol team consisted of half soldiers and half Jian Xin Sect’s people; each person had a well-made sword hanging at their waist. It indeed deserved the title of being the capital city of Wan Jian.

Outside the city, I was not feeling anxious and took a quick glance around: “Master, tonight, let’s find a guest house outside the city to rest first. Tomorrow, we’ll disguise ourselves and enter the city.”

Mo Qing naturally went accordingly to my suggestion.

Outside Jin Zhou City, there were many small guest houses. It was for all the people who rushed here to use as a place to rest because they missed the alloted time to enter the city walls. In this place, there were a mixture of celestial people and ordinary people.

Mo Qing and I randomly chose a guest house and rented two fine rooms near each other. Then he and I each went to our respective rooms.

I stayed alone in the room for a while and was finally unable to sit still. It was not the time to sleep just because it was late at night! I stuck myself against the wall, listened for Mo Qing’s movements on the other side, and then knocked on it: “Master.”

Not even a moment had passed before an inquiring voice could be heard through the wall: “What’s wrong?”

Mhm, the materials used in the walls of this guest house were really thin, but I l

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