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Only after Mo Qing left did the kneeling subordinate climb to his feet, shivering all the while.

Little flat-nose bewilderedly stared at me, then bewilderedly stared at Liu Cang Ling lying at a side. “Then do I kill or not…”

I looked at him. “You must be a door guard, right?”

He nodded.

“Then be a door guard forever, don’t bother climbing up the ranks,” I advised him. “The higher you climb, the faster you die.”

The one calling the shots had left, and the little flat-nose left behind was a stupid one. I glanced at Zhi Yan, and seeing her gaze full of expectation, I said, “Sect Leader has already acknowledged me as a disciple; he has shown mercy today. For this corpse like-fellow, just take it that he is lucky today – throw him out of Chen Ji Shan.”

“How can that be done! A person who intrudes upon the forbidden grounds, how can he be let off lightly?” Regarding this point, he actually seems very stubborn.

I curled my lip. “Then just drag him to any dungeon and shut him in.”

He thought for a while, finding my words reasonable, and immediately ordered the people behind to pull Liu Cang Ling up. Zhi Yan wanted to stop them, but in the end she could only watch as Liu Cang Ling was dragged away.

Little flat-nose presently tried to pull me away with the help of another subordinate and I evaded his hands. “I’m heavily injured, go and call a few more people to bring over a sedan to carry me.” I reasoned, “I am now the Sect Leader’s direct disciple, if you don’t serve me well, I might just go and lodge a complaint with him.”

Another personhmmpheddisdainfully. “Sect Leader only spared your life, and you have the cheek to flaunt yourself as his direct disciple, how thick-skinned.”

Ihmmphedeven more disdainfully. “You poor-sighted door servants, what did your Sect Leader say earlier: ‘Kill all intruders’, but has he killed me? Other people would be killed, yet why did he not kill me? Use your brains and think, am I really just being thick-skinned?”

The two of them looked at each other in dismay and said nothing.

I waved my hand. “Go, call a palanquin for me.”

They went obediently.

(Translated by jillaimee at Silent Moon Translations)

Zhi Yan sighed regretfully from the side. “Tyrannically abusing people…you sure are skillful in that.”

Now that everyone is gone, I spoke openly to Zhi Yan. “Your ‘saying one thing but meaning another’ is pretty good as well.” I was already dirtied all over, there was no point in hesitating, and so I simply slumped onto the rock. The danger was over and my injuries was painful to the point of becoming numb. I was starting to feel rather lazy. I languidly squinted at Zhi Yan, “Roaring that you don’t want to go with Liu Cang Ling, shouting that you want to take revenge – but when it actually comes to killing Liu Cang Ling, you are the first one to oppose. Isn’t that your enemy’s son, yet you are still so concerned about him?”

Zhi Yan was rendered speechless by

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