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Mm, this is a good idea.

I began gearing up, just waiting for this young woman to cease breathing. However, before long, her legs convulsed, then her chest rose and her mouth opened slightly…

Her eyes opened…

Even with such a crash, she didn’t die! I marvel at this. People nowadays, why are your heads so hard?

I averted my eyes disappointedly, losing interest in this mess. But just as I turned, ready to sit back on my gravestone, the now conscious woman gasped twice, screaming “Ghost!”

Huh? Is she calling me?

I turned my head, and stared at her.

Indeed, the pink-clothed lady had eyes as wide as copper bells, staring straight at me. She struggled in the man’s embrace like her life depended on it. “No legs! Ghost! Ghost!”

Ah! She knocked her head, and now she can actually see me! It’s been so long since any living person could see me! Happy, I immediately walked two steps towards her, rushing at her with a smile, “Yes, yes, I am a ghost.”

“Ah ah ah!” She screamed shrilly again, pushing away the man and desperately scrambling backwards. “Don’t come over, don’t come over!”

The man was both confused and anxious, and worriedly called out to her, “Zhi Yan! It’s me, what’s wrong?”

I also explained to her, “You don’t have to be afraid of me, it’s not like I’m going to harm you.” I thought for a bit. “That’s not right, I did want to harm you earlier…”

“Ah ah ah!” She kept on screaming non-stop, scrambling backwards until her back rested against my tombstone. She turned her head to look, stilled, and was about to scream again, when the man grabbed her arm. “Zhi Yan! Look at me! I’m here, I’ll bring you back! Don’t be afraid!”

It would have been better if he hadn’t said those words. At his words, she immediately came back to herself. “I’m not going back with you! Scram!”

I interjected from their side, “Yes yes, let him scram, you stay behind and accompany me.”

She screamed shrilly again. “Ah ah! I don’t want to stay behind to accompany you!”

The man was bewildered. “Zhi Yan, just who are you talking to?”

Zhi Yan rebuked him. “Don’t concern yourself with who I’m talking to, I’m not going back with you regardless! I want to go to Chen Ji Shan! I want to cultivate the Demon Path! I…” Without waiting for her to finish, the man carried her into his arms, intent on bringing her onto the horse and taking her away.

She struggled in his embrace, hitting and kicking away. “No! I don’t want to go back with you! Let go of me!”

Her mention of Chen Ji Shan and the Demon Path had just piqued my interest, and now she was being taken away. Seeing her struggle so haphazardly, without a plan, I became anxious. Using my greatest speed, I floated around him, fervently shouting “Hit him!”

Zhi Yan was anxious and flustered, and actually listened to me, raising her hands to pound on his back. But she…this retaliation was practically like a flirtatious play! The man felt neither pain nor itch at her bl

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