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I am a demoness, a notorious demoness for innumerable years.

In Jianghu, numerous prestigious noble clans wanted me eliminated, and quickly at that. I lost count of how many waves of attacks I had weathered, but fortunately, I was still alive, living a carefree life with immense joy and satisfaction. I had believed that I was on the verge of stepping foot on the peak of demonic life, but instead, I…


At the hands of an insignificant, hideous person from my own sect… Eliminated.

I truly was unable to get over this, my heart’s obsession too heavy to enter the reincarnation cycle. In this plane in-between heaven and earth, in the countryside of Bari, with grass growing over my burial ground, I floated around back and forth. A perfect embodiment of a lonely soul, a ghost trapped on the mortal plane, every day and every night, I would draw circles on my grave and reminisce about my three regrets——every single time.

My first regret was not being vicious and merciless enough throughout my life, for the so-called prestigious noble clans were being too virtuous.

My second regret was being too self-confident, too arrogant in my life, for not being careful and cautious enough, for falling to the killing strike that led to the calamity that was my death.

My third regret in my previous lifetime was indeed a thousand times regretting, ten thousand times regretting, regretting that an insignificant, hideous person was accepted into my sect, as in the end, he unexpectedly killed me…

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