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I was silent and looked at Mo Qing face to face for a long time.

In my mind, I went through countless thoughts. How long had he stayed in Cang Shu Pavilion? Did he watch me approach? Or did he waited for me to get here and then came over? Just now, aside from reading this story, did I accidentally murmur any other words?

It did not matter. Nowadays, this Ugly Little Monster’s attentive look already did not look like I could use ordinary tricks to get past his eyes.

Therefore, I planned to implement an emergency measure to demonstrate my extraordinary acting skills. I took on Zhi Yan’s shy behaviors during the day and I weakly drew in a deep breath: “Ah, Sect… Sect Leader.” I pretended that I was scared to death, “When did you get here?”

It seemed like the tip of Mo Qing’s eyebrow moved slightly. After a short time, he took a look around the bookshelf, then in a flat tone, he asked me: “That story just now, did it have an ending? Continue reading. ”

I looked at the book: “There’s no ending.” I sighed, “I looked at so many and they only record a plethora of strange stories. It did not mention anything about spells for contacting ghosts. It seems that supernatural beings in this world are a fantasy.”

I finished these words and glanced at Mo Qing. I saw him look at the books on the shelf and coldly said:

“If supernatural beings are just a fantasy, then what is the point of keeping you…”

“Ai ya.” I felt that I could not continue this act anymore, Zhi Yan’s personality and mine are too different. It was impossible for me to model Zhi Yan’s cowardice. Under such menace, besides crying, I could generate other reactions. Therefore, I had to it myself. I squinted and smiled at Mo Qing, “Master, you can really make a joke. This place has so many books. It is obvious that there are many people who have seen ghosts throughout history. I guess eight of the ten parts are there; it’s just that we can’t see it or touch it. Let me try and find another book. ”

I immediately stood up and left Mo Qing’s line of sight.

Even so, I knew that no matter where I was in this Cang Shu Pavilion, if Mo Qing wanted to, then he could always see me.

But if I did not see him, my heart was even more relieved.

I blamed Zhi Yan’s broken and useless body. I just wanted a slightly more capable body with abilities and powers like the North Mountain Lord’s. Then tonight, I could take Mo Qing down!

I hid in a corner and conveniently took out a book as a cover-up. As I covered up, I suddenly felt like my life was truly meaningless. I wanted money but had no money. I wanted to kill Mo Qing but had to dawdle and torment myself like this.

I spent so much effort to borrow the body and return the soul not for me to live in irritation like this!

Hiding did not solve the problem either, I wanted to face the adversity and win. I would use this current body to seduce Mo Qing. I would make him like this body so that even if he knew that t

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