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Ch 18

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Mo Qing carried me up step by step, while I rested my head on his shoulder and distractedly gazed at the dazzlingly radiant bright moonlight the entire way.

Until we reached Wu E Hall, the entrance guards noticed that Mo Qing was carrying me on his back. When he passed by them, they bowed their heads in greeting and I scrupulously discovered that the cold sweat on their foreheads had all dripped onto the ground.

No one had ever seen the Sect Leader carrying another person walking on the path before. I knew what they were thinking. They were thinking, I saw this scene today, would my life not end soon…

However, Mo Qing did not care about them and carried me directly into Wu E Hall.

From my place, I just got off of Mo Qing’s back and saw a black shadow flash by inside Wu E Hall. He knelt on one knee with one hand placed on the ground and respectfully bowed to Mo Qing. Mo Qing indifferently inquired him: “Is the room properly tidied up?”

“To answer Great Master, it is already tidied up and ready.”

Mo Qing waved his hand and the black shadow blinked and retreated away.

I knew that in Wu E Hall this was the specialized guard, Dark Shift Guard, in charge of guarding the Sect Leader. They were more powerful, more loyal, and even more professional compared to the entrance guards outside. They guarded the Sect Leader and defended the Sect Leader’s rights. They were responsible for monitoring all of Wan Lu Sect’s intelligence. They apprehended and dealt with those who betrayed and privately did bad things and then brought to me for punishment.

When I was here, I established this rule. It was just that I was unfamiliar with that person that came to report a moment ago. He was definitely not in that group of people that I raised when I was alive.

Thinking back it was also true, in all of Wan Lu Sect there was no one more loyal than Dark Shift Guards. When I died, they did not want to serve the new master perhaps they all committed suicide. Now in this place, this team already should completely belong to only Mo Qing.

I disregarded these thoughts, calmly raised my face to ask Mo Qing: “Master, are you planning to let me live in Wu E Hall from now on? Which part of the hall am I living in?”

“Zhuo Chen.”

I could not help it but smile slightly.

Wu E Hall was very large, in the very front was the main hall and beside it were two small side halls. Behind Wu E Hall was the Sect Leader’s sleeping chamber, Ding Feng Hall. On both sides of Ding Feng Hall were two other small side halls, one called Zhuo Chen and the other was Qing Bo.

Among these, Qing Bo Hall was a study piled up with thick tall books. I usually handled sect affairs in that place. However, Zhuo Chen Hall was always empty. I occasionally retreated there to meditate. It was only separated from Ding Feng Hall by one wall.

If I remembered correctly, the wall that connected Ding Feng Hall and Zhuo Chen

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