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Ostentatious Zhao Yao – Chapter4

“Sect Leader once instructed not to murder indiscriminately…”

“If it is anywhere else. For those who intrude into the Forbidden grounds, regardless of the reasons, kill.”

“Yes…yes, this subordinate will remember…”

“Once this is settled, go to the Disciplinary Hall to receive your punishment.”

How mighty he has become now. I coldly scoffed inwardly, stretching my neck and my fingers with a few ‘crack’ sounds, getting rid of the stiffness in this body.

Zhi Yan stared at me from behind. “What are you planning to do now? Didn’t you say that after I answer your questions, you would return the body to me?” She seemed a little anxious, perhaps because she was remembering some of the things I’ve done when I was alive. “You, are you planning to renege on your words?”

I kept my narrowed eyes on the path, as far as I could see through the rain, and heard the sound of approaching footsteps. “Didn’t you ask me earlier who buried me here?” I said. “Well, see for yourself.”

Just as I finished speaking, Mo Qing, in his dark clothes, appeared in our vision.

“Its….its the Wan Lu Sect Leader…Li Chen Lan.”

Oh, so he is actually called Li Chen Lan. I laugh lightly, the son of the Demon King should indeed be surnamed Li. When we first met, he was so adamant on not saying his name, to the point that I was exhausted wracking my brains trying to think of a name for him. Now that I think back on it, I was deceived by him from the very beginning to the end.

“Little lady,” I called out to Zhi Yan. “Earlier you said, you wanted to enter Wan Lu Sect right?”

Zhi Yan looked at me blankly. “Y…Yes.”

“I have a simple solution.” I turned my head to look at her, curling my lips into an evil smirk. “When I built Wan Lu Sect, I laid down a rule – whoever has the ability to kill me will have the right to become the next Sect Leader. I was thinking, if you want to take revenge, entering Wan Lu Sect to become a low-ranked subordinate doesn’t have much meaning to it. Why not…” I bared my teeth in a tiger-like smile, “I send you straight to the top in a single move, what do you think?”

“What do you mean…straight to the top?” Zhi Yan appeared a little confused.

That is, to send you to become the Sect Leader ah!

As I replied her those words in my heart, my eyes brightened as with a twist of my wrist, the Bai Shui Jian Xin Sword was summoned into my hand. I wiped away the mud and water clinging to the sword, and gazed at Mo Qing, who was approaching through the curtain of heavy rain. New enmity and old hatred rose in my heart; I pumped energy into my legs and sprung forward, waving my sword, the sword aura piercing straight towards the dark-robed Mo Qing.

“Protect the Sect Leader!” The disciples behind him yelled, but even before their voices had faded, my sword aura had already descended on Mo Qing.

A loud ‘bang!” resonated, like lightning striking onto the ground creating the sound of t

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