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Having heard Zhi Yan’s sniffling complaints, I have a general understanding of her bullying situation now.

Previously before I left, I had told her to go and tightly hug Mo Qing’s thick thigh. However, this little lady is an aloof one with high self-esteem, and did not plan on doing so. She had planned to depend solely on her own abilities and cultivate properly in Wan Lu Sect, and, upon achieving success in her cultivation, seek out the Jian Xin Sect Leader Liu Wei for revenge.

I listened to her story with a mocking laugh- young lady, you are still too naïve.

Indeed, within a few days, the demonic cultivators on Xi Yue Peak discovered that this “Direct Disciple”, who had been carried in on a palanquin, was actually nowhere as formidable as they had imagined, nor had she as close a relationship with the Sect Leader as they had thought.

Instantly, those who had previously greeted her in an amiable manner began treating her coldly; those who had previously treated her with extreme consideration began mocking and even humiliating her. Her original plan of quietly relying on her own abilities to achieve success became completely impossible.

In less than a month, this lady, coming from a righteous celestial sect preaching ‘Harmony is to be prized’, was, due to her lack of resistance, attacked from all sides by people wanting to vent their frustrations. The male demonic cultivators on Xi Yue Peak started to take advantage of her, and today, their violations had gone too far and crossed a line. She finally began angrily resisting them, but by this point, there was no one left to help her.

The female demonic cultivators simply stood by and enjoyed the show; the male demonic cultivators called her a little slut, and intensified their efforts to take advantage of her.

In her panic, Zhi Yan flew away from them on her sword, but the demonic cultivators chased after her doggedly until she ran into the forbidden grounds, where no one else dared to enter.

When she finished recounting, in between her choked sobs, all the heart-wrenching things that had occurred over the past month, it was almost thezihour (11pm – 1am).

I squatted in front of her. “Little lady, it is okay to depend on yourself; in this world, there are indeed many times when you can only depend on yourself. But the pre-requisite of depending on yourself is that you must be strong enough. And when you are not strong enough…” I stared at her incomprehensibly, “Couldn’t you use your brains and remember the words I said to you before, and go and suck up to Chen Li Lan?”

“I did realise that I couldn’t depend on myself, that’s why I’m here to find you…”

Mn, that can indeed be considered a solution as well.

(Translated by jillaimee at Silent Moon Translations)

She wiped her tears away and glanced at me. “Besides, if I went looking for Chen Li Lan… Chen Li Lan is the Sect Leader, he is so high up and unreachable… all those people who’ve stayed in Xi Yu

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