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When I was alive, I had never seen anyone who dared to use these two words to talk about me. Finally, when I am dead, I met someone who dared.

Very good, Little Short Hair, you have successfully attracted my attention.

I calmly and collectedly lit candles to let him burn the money first. He cooperated, did not babbled nonsense, and concentrated on burning the money. Then he picked up three incense sticks, solemnly closed his eyes to pay his respect and said: “Demoness, Demoness, hope that you are in heaven and would bless me to soon achieve my wish.”

I should have been in heaven but I was here with my indifferent expression, crouched in front of him, and handed him ghost money to burn.

Since he prayed for me to help fulfill his wish, I asked: “What was the wish you want to achieve?” Even though I asked but I did not intend to help him achieve it.

Little Short Hair smirked: “I just want to kill Li Chen Lan and take over his position that’s all.”

Oh… My eyebrows raised and my eyes lit up, how coincidental, young man, so am I! We were competitors!

After he said these words, the person behind him shouted his name again: “A Wu!”

“Hahaha, okay, okay, okay.” He waved his hand. “No more talking, no more talking.” He turned and glanced behind him, “Both of you also come and burn. We will be masters of Wan Lu Sect in the future. Lu Zhao Yao was the founder of Wan Lu Sect and our predecessor; we should pay our respects and give her offerings.”

Good boy! You really understood the rules! I admired you!

The two people behind him were reluctant, but Little Short Hair ordered them, so they came forward to burn the money. As they quietly burned the money, I did not seek to start a conversation with them. Instead, I went towards Hua Street, there were people passing by on the bridge. I saw someone and shouted: “Hey, since ancient times, in life who doesn’t die, burn a little ghost money, is that okay.”

The pedestrian glanced at me, turned around, ran away, and yelled that it was bad luck.

Little Short Hair laughed back and forth in front of me: “When you yell like that who will come over and burn money.” He stood up and said, “I will help you.” He patted his clothes, just in time for a pedestrian to walk past him, and grabbed the passerby’s collar. The smile on his face slightly disappeared and his cruel and murderous aura automatically appeared, “Here is a little beauty that needs help, can’t you see?”

The passerby developed a cold sweat, as he came over to burn money, he trembled and shook.

I looked at him and only felt extremely pleased. Yes, my Wan Lu Sect just needed this type of talent!

His whole face was fierce. He had passion and dreams. He said one thing and meant it! His smiles were presumptuous and arrogant. When he threatened people, he was not lenient. If I currently had my former strength, I would absolutely find this person on the spot, compare notes, and explore his powers. If

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