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“You ignore him.” I said, “Let him torment himself, I still don’t believe that even if his body is much recovered, he could still leave Xi Yue Peak. The demon cultivators would still be able to kill him.”

“Even so, cannot let him be killed!” Zhi Yan’s eyeballs reddened, “If he dies… What should I do?”

I looked at her indifferently: “That is fate.”

Zhi Yan bit her lip tightly: “But I… Don’t want to let him die.” She stared at me intently with her glistening eyes filled with grievances and pities, “Great demon king…”

I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth tightly… So to speak, these righteous highborn families are truly troublesome!

“Listen carefully; this is the last time…”

“Great demon king, you are truly a good person!” She wanted to rush towards me for a hug but I shouted: “Stand up straight.” She behaved and stood up straight. I flew towards the bed to sit, crossed my legs over the other, folded my arms, and asked her, “Tell me every detail.”

“Every day during the daytime, I delivered the Spirit Pill to him. Then yesterday, I gave him all the Spirit Pill in my possession. I told him that I will not come back in the future when his injury is healed, he must escape but he… Still wants me to return with him. Last night, I used my soul to enter the dungeon to see him but I saw him… Ate all the Spirit Pills…”

“To eat so many Spirit Pills in one day, if he’s not careful his meridians will go the wrong way.”

“When I left, he was still fine. I know him; he certainly thinks that I am being misled by the demon path, so he wants to quickly take me away.”

I kneaded my chin and pondered: “You might as well beat him at his own game. He ate a lot of Spirit Pills, just meditating and harmonizing his aura for the moment is not enough. First, you go find Liu Cang Ling and keep watch for him in the prison. In order for him to avoid from accidentally entering the demon stage, don’t let other guards go in to disturb him. Wait until his aura is harmonized, then you tell him to assist you in performing a play. Let him control you and take you out of the valley.”

“Let him control me?”

“Yes, because otherwise, you visit Liu Cang Ling every day, when he escapes, you will be the first suspect. The most intolerable acts in Wan Lu Sect are spying for the enemy and betraying the sect.”

Zhi Yan weakly said, “But you are teaching me to do this now…”

I was doing this for whom!

I leered at her for a moment and she consciously closed her mouth.

I continued: “You let him control you, you are the Sect Leader’s disciple, and the prison guards of Xi Yue Peak will definitely not dare do something reckless. They will definitely report first. Take advantage of this short time, you guys must escape from Wan Lu Sect and find a place to hide. We will set a location. In the evening, I will come find you and enter your body, chase Liu Cang Ling back to Jian Xin Sect. Like this, you can save him and I can get rid of this tr

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