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That very night, I rushed over to the main peak of Chen Ji Shan.

At the entrance to the Wu E Hall, I reported Zhi Yan’s name, and the guards swiftly allowed me entry. Mo Qing must have already given them instructions.

His words before, ‘If she enters your dreams again, report to me,” were not empty words.

I was very pleased. Mo Qing’s fervor at wanting to grasp my whereabouts showed how much his heart itched with hatred and fear that I would one day make my comeback and steal his position and riches, just as he had done to me.

I waited in the side hall for some time, yet no one arrived, and so I decided to take a look around the place.

The Wu E Hall had, on the whole, no major differences compared to before. The treasures, the presence, the atmosphere; all that should be here, was present. The fierce ghosts carved on the resplendent pillars, the nine-headed snake that curled around them, the skulls on the ceiling lights – all of which brought out an atmosphere of cold cruelty and murder.

It was just like Wan Lu Sect’s style when I was still around.

Standing here in such an atmosphere, I suddenly felt as if I was still alive, with the power to command life and death, living an indulgent life where I was feared and respected by the entire world.

I sat on a chair and leaned back, closing my eyes. Back in the old days…

“Du!” A crisp sound rang out from the main hall to the side. Yi, there were still people in the main hall at this time? Curious, I stealthily crept over and leaned against the door, listening through the wall.

An aged voice, full of suppressed anger, said, “Sect Leader’s recent actions have been increasingly going against Wan Lu Sect’s purpose and goals.”

His loud voice rang out in the empty and deserted hall, and it provoked thousands of resounding echoes in my heart. Yes indeed! Very correct! I hadn’t thought that there was still someone so clear-sighed in our Wan Lu Sect!

I felt that simply listening by the wall was no longer enough to satisfy me, and so I pulled open the door a fraction and peered through, hoping to see this old immortal hero.

But from my angle, the first thing I saw was instead the figure reigning over the hall – Mo Qing, sitting in a chair with the shape of a celestial dragon, his face expressionless, as stern as the statues of the gods in the hall. He was completely different from the Mo Qing in the past, who would often hide himself in a huge cloak.

His sitting posture today, was also completely different from how I used to sit on that huge chair, leaning lopsidedly to a side with one leg crossed over the other.

The him now, was more like the drawing of the ancient Demon King passed down over thousands of years – silent yet formidable, his presence powerfully oppressive even in the absence of anger.

I pursed my lips. In my heart I had to resentfully admit that Mo Qing had indeed inherited his bloodline; now that Mo Qing is all dressed up, he look

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