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As Mo Qing was about to turn the corner, he finally turned his head back slightly, glancing at me with an indifferent expression. I caught his gaze, and immediately ran forward. “Sect Leader, are you allowing me to leave with you?”

“No one that stays here is allowed to live.”

I grovelingly chased after him. He stood, unmoving, waiting for me to catch up. Seeing him display such an attitude, I understood that there would be no consequences for today


He may have no more issues with it, but I have an issue – that is, to tattle on some people.

“Sect Leader, there is still one more thing I have to tell you about.” I said, “Even though I am now your direct disciple…”

“Who said that?” His footsteps came to a halt as he interrupted me, his expression chilly. Again he turned his head to fix his gaze on me.

I met his gaze straight-on. “The last time we met, I spoke to you about being your disciple ah.”

“Did I agree?”

“You didn’t disagree.”


He fell silent again, and so I simply took it for tacit agreement. I confidently returned to my earlier topic, “As I was saying, even though I am now your direct disciple…” I deliberately paused here, giving him a glance, and seeing that he no longer objected, I nodded my head in satisfaction, and continued, “But I am still someone who joined the Sect later, so I have the utmost respect for all my brothers and sisters in Xi Yue Peak…”

Zhi Yan was unable to catch up to me, but I could hear her make a “Pu!” sound, as if she had vomited up a mouthful of blood at my words.

(Translated by jillaimee at Silent Moon Translations)

I ignored her and continued saying, “Even when they were extremely strict towards me, I only treated it as if they were training me. But who would have thought that some of these brothers would begin to act dishonorably, even taking advantage of me; it was truly going overboard. I had planned to burn some paper offerings today, but after being chased by them, I lost all of my paper offerings, you see…”

Mo Qing’s footsteps did not falter, nor did he bother to turn his head back as he said, “No one asked you to respect them; in Wan Lu Sect, we speak with our strength.”

Meaning, he is not going to interfere.

I nodded. That is fine, the body now belongs to me anyway. In front of me, if you little demons on Xi Yue Peak even dare to smile, I can only respect you for being such stupid bastards!” (1)

I followed behind Mo Qing. Before we even left the valley, I could hear the sound of arguing coming from ahead. On one side of the argument was little Flat-nose’s voice, he said, “I must report this matter to Sect Leader first, before we can go inside and capture the intruder.”

The other side was the demonic cultivators’ voices, talking over each other vigorously. “There is no need to bother the Sect Leader, we might not be able to enter this divine valley, but you can enter ah. You can go in and bring that little ** from the ce

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