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This body of Zhi Yan was too exhausted, it involuntarily leaned towards the side and I could not control it. Mo Qing reached out, grabbed my arm, and gently pulled me closer into his chest.

Instantly at this moment, Zhi Yan’s body seemed to be burdened with a thousand catties and yet I unexpectedly felt Mo Qing’s chest and arms containing slight uncontrollable tremors.

*catties – a traditional unit of measurement in China

I did not understand what he was trembling about and I just felt a little unwillingness.

I blocked the old man’s staff as if I went down to hell and walked a circle. But he only had to berate one phrase that stopped all disputes. An impressive and dashing air like this… Before, it was obviously all done by me!

“Sect Leader.” Yuan Jie said, “This subordinate was punishing the escaping celestial cultivator, and this disciple of yours, did not hesitate to place herself in danger to save him. This action…”

“So what about it?” Mo Qing opened his mouth, these four words directly made Yuan Jie choke. Nobody ever thought that Mo Qing could unexpectedly utter these four words.

I included.

I distractedly raised my head to look at Mo Qing and caught sight of the perfect contour of his smooth jaw. I heard him not tolerating other people’s opinion and coldly commanded: “I have my own decision, you can go back.”

In these words, it possessed his dignity and decisiveness. In the end, he was different from the Ugly Little Monster of the past.

Yuan Jie’s hand that grasped the Qing Gang Staff tightened, the blue veins on the back of his hand appeared prominently but it subsided just as quickly again. In a low voice, he just answered with a single “Yes,” then his figure moved and in a split second, he disappeared on the spot.

Mo Qing swept his eyes towards the side and looked at the group of terrified guards: “Go get South Mountain Lord.”

South Mountain Lord, Gu Han Guang, was Wan Lu Sect’s greatest doctor. That year, I spent a lot of efforts, used so many methods, and was finally able to drag this hermit already secluded from the outside world that the common people circulated into legend as the “Medicine God” to join Wan Lu Sect.

It was because I feared that one day in the future I could sustain serious injuries or if I was severely poisoned the subordinates below did not have enough time to find a Medicine God for me, and then I would die. Therefore, it was necessary to first find a Medicine God to be prepared.

But matters in the world were hard to anticipate, when it was my time to die, I still died. I prepared the Medicine God and wasted it on Mo Qing to benefit from.

But now Mo Qing… Wanted to let Gu Han Guang heal me?

I was a little dumbfounded. He practically did not speak reasonably and favored me in front of the North Mountain Lord because of this Zhi Yan and this body. Now he wanted to utilize the South Mountain Lord to come and heal me? This and that cold face, bad temper

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