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Ch 42.01

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

I became curious and watched Mo Qing and Shen Qian Jin walk far away. Soon afterwards, I ignored the sun in the sky and followed after them.

But I saw that Mo Qing had led Shen Qian Jin to a small room that was off to the side, so I drifted in right behind them. In the room, the two people stopped and Shen Qian Jin bowed her head towards Mo Qing, like a guest giving courtesy to the host: “Last night, thank you for Li Sect Leader’s assistance.”

“No need. I just conveniently rescued you, nothing more.” Mo Qing replied and then, impolitely went straight to the point to ask, “I just want to ask Shen Tower Leader, yesterday Tower Leader was there at the scene, was it because you wanted to help resurrect Luo Ming Xuan with Jian Xin Sect’s Liu Wei?”

“Luo Ming Xuan?” Shen Qian Jin frowned slightly, apparently she still did not know that the person Liu Wei and Liu Su Ruo wanted to resurrect was him. She became grave for a moment, “Last night, I just happened to receive Liu Sect Leader’s invitation to go for a meeting at Jian Xin Sect. But after I got to Jian Xin Sect, I was sneakily attacked by someone, that person injured my neck and took some blood. Through random bits of their conversation, I discovered that they wanted to use my blood to resurrect someone, but I absolutely didn’t know that that person was the Golden Immortal Luo Ming Xuan.”

“Mhm.” Mo Qing’s eyes that were always gentle when looking at me, now faintly contained a somewhat bone-piercingly cold chillness: “If you know that now, then is Shen Tower Leader going to willingly sacrifice yourself?”

Shen Qian Jin smiled: “Guan Yu Tower observes the people of the world and observes every manifestation of nature. Everything has its own way and every life or death possess their own destiny. The Golden Immortal is already in a deep sleep, which is his destiny, therefore, a living person shouldn’t be sacrificed for him. If by doing that, then what is the difference between this method and the crookedly evil demonic path?” After saying that, she paused for a moment, “Apologies, I didn’t mean to discriminate against the demonic path…”

Beside them, I stroked my chin and listened, and when I listened up to this point, I nodded my head. This cold-faced female immortal was a little interesting, no wonder after so many years, Gu Han Guang still could never forget her.

After Mo Qing heard her finished talking, the chilliness in his eyes faded a little and then, he continued to ask: “But I heard that the Ten Great Celestial Sects wish to convene for the Celestial Sects’ Convention on Xian Tai Mountain. Shen Tower Leader is most certainly going to receive an invitation, but do you plan on going to the meeting?”

“Of course.”

“In that case… Forgive Li Mo for offending you.”

As soon as Mo Qing finished speaking, Shen Qian Jin was shocked. Then at this moment, the floor around the place where Shen Qian Jin was standing sudden

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