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He was like a child waiting to be given candy, anxiously staring at me. In his presence, I somewhat did not have the heart to throw that candy on the ground.

With a sigh in my mind, I admitted my own defeat in my heart.

“Mhm, worried about you.”

Mo Qing’s eyes uncomplicatedly lit up, but his eyes also appeared as if it did not expect me to frankly say these words. He froze momentarily, and then unexpectedly shifted his gaze far, far away into the distance, coughing once: “Mhm.”

[Mhm? There is only one ‘mhm?’]

[Ugly Little Monster, you are such a bashful child who cannot follow along with the mind of another.]

In the courtyard, there was a moment of silence. Then Mo Qing opened his mouth again: “Tomorrow, I won’t need to go to Xian Tai Mountain in person, East Mountain Lord has already returned from the Immortal Island overseas. She’ll go handle it.”


“East… Mountain Lord?”

I was stunned. Mo Qing was actually going to send that crazy lass? However, after thinking about it, if he wanted to sabotage other people’s matter, then sending Xu Zhi to do it was the most appropriate.

I understood what this lass’ temperament was like better than anyone else. She was the type of person whose derriere was always pricked by needles, and absolutely could not be still with a temper like a stray wild dog. In the past, there were moments when she got carried away on a whim, she would carry me into public places with numerous people and go around screaming loudly that she really likes the Sect Leader…

In my Wan Lu Sect there were four mountain lords. So to break them down carefully; North Mountain Lord was loyal to me, but even though there was a difference between master and subordinate, he and I were able to get along politely. South Mountain Lord, Gu Han Guang, simply treated me coldly and indifferently; in any case, I could only see him when I sustained injuries. Sima Rong was close to me, and was my most capable assistant. Only this East Mountain Lord, Xu Zhi…

Every year, the merits that she made and the disasters that she caused were about the same. It was not that she did not listen to me, but it was that she listened to me too much. As a result, she would use too much force, unable to restrain the assault. When I had her go kill a certain sect’s leader, she would pulverize all the roof tiles of the other sect’s houses.

Xu Zhi’s original name was Shi Qi. During that year when I annexed a big demonic sect, Xue Sha Sect, I happened to scoop her out from the dungeon. At that time, she was still young, who looked about five or six years old. She was wearing Xue Sha Sect’s disciple’s clothes, and marked on her chest were two characters, shi and qi, just like a serial number. However, only when ‘shi qi’ was called out, would she then immediately respond with a very fragile sound. Therefore, Shi Qi was also her name.

* shi – ten

* qi – seven

* shi qi – seventeen

When I took her out o

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