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The next day, when the Ten Great Celestial Sects gathered in Xian Tai Mountain for the meeting, I drifted behind Zhi Yan, following her to go look for Shen Qian Jin.

Right at this time, outside the dark cage formed by the condensed demonic energy, it was Shen Qian Jin’s trusted subordinate standing there. Seeing Zhi Yan enter the room, she politely lowered her head and stood off to the side. In her hand, she was holding a mirror. I glided over to take a look. The scene that was reflected in the mirror was the Celestial Sect Convention on Xian Tai Mountain.

Even if the Mirror of a Thousand Miles in the celestial sects was separated by thousands of miles, through the mirror, it was still possible to see the situation on the other side. So in other words, even though Shen Qian Jin did not go to this Celestial Sect Convention in person, making her subordinates sit there while holding the mirror, it was no different from attending personally.

Really knew how to be tricky.

I admired Shen Qian Jin, while at the same time said to myself, this Mo Qing was also generous. He imprisoned Shen Qian Jin in this place, but did not prohibit her from contacting her disciples, and did not even care that she was using the Mirror of a Thousand Miles to participate in the Celestial Sect Convention…

However, having thought about it more carefully, Mo Qing’s purpose was to not let Liu Su Ruo take Shen Qian Jin’s blood. Now that it had become this way, Shen Qian Jin really was attending the meeting. She would speak about what she experienced at Jian Xin Sect, and Liu Su Ruo, would actually have no way to threaten her.

It was a way to kill two birds with one stone.

At the end of the hour of the dragon, every celestial sect sat down, it literally became a public venue with celestial energy fluttering about. The celestial cultivators that I had seen and the ones I had not seen, all of them carried a frowning expression as if they were beginning a funeral service.

*hour of the dragon – 7a-9a

Today, in the Ten Great Celestial Sects, Nan Yue Sect no longer existed, so there was a vacant spot. On Shen Qian Jin’s side, her disciples were holding the mirror and standing off to the side. The host opened his mouth to start the convention and when he was finished, as I expected, a moment later, Liu Su Ruo, who was bandaged from head to toe appeared. Presently, a white cloth was also wrapped around her face, covering one eye. She had become a one-eyed lady, and the bitter resentment in her look increased further than before.

“Fellow celestial friends, five days ago, Jin Zhou City was destroyed by Li Chen Lan of Wan Lu Sect, it can be described as a scene of total desolation…”

I turned my head to look at Zhi Yan: “I haven’t played with these things from your celestial sects. Can it skip directly to the section where Liu Su Ruo speaks? I don’t want to see this.”

“It can’t skip.” When Zhi Yan saw Liu Su Ruo, her mood was not good, and sh

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