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In the mirror, the Celestial Sect Convention was completely quiet, all of the celestial cultivators stood up and formed a circle around Xu Zhi. Zhi Yan looked at Xu Zhi in the mirror, blinking twice, a little stunned: “This is East Mountain Lord, eh…”

As this phrase of hers transmitted through the mirror, the celestial sect cultivators on the other side began to gossip back and forth like they had not heard the words, East Mountain Lord, for many years.

After Liu Su Ruo quietly retreated with a few other celestial cultivators, among the four celestial cultivators who agreed with her words, a white-bearded old man came forward. I also knew him, he was the grandmaster of Wang Xing Sect, named Chi Tian Ming, titled the Heaven Mystery Taoist. Before I pummelled Luo Ming Xuan into his eternal sleep, his relationship between this old taoist could be said to be the best amongst the Ten Great Celestial Sects.

Therefore, seeing him stand beside Liu Su Ruo, I was not in the least surprised.

“Lu Shi Qi, at my Celestial Sect Convention, who allows you to come and act impudently!”

Xu Zhi was picked up by me. Since she was young, she did not have a surname, so I simply gave her my surname. Now that someone was calling her by her full name, I suddenly had a feeling that my younger generation was continuing my famous reputation in Jiang Hu.

“Who cares if you guys allow it or not! If you want to hurt my sect leader, it is not okay!”

Xu Zhi had a temperament that if someone said something she was not satisfied with, then she would immediately go for the punches. She still used the old method, hitting that Heaven Mystery Taoist’s face, without even a little regard to the virtuous ideology of respecting the old and cherishing the young.

Zhi Yan’s eyes widened, staring at Xu Zhi. She did not even avoid her opponent’s magical spells and confront it head-on. Zhi Yan’s mouth was filled with gasps of surprise: “Woah, woah, woah!” Her exclamations were even louder and clearer than the crows of a rooster.

Xu Zhi ‘s fighting moves were still the ones that I taught her. However, in these past few years, it was unknown what hardships she had experienced while she was overseas on the Immortal Island, her movements were much faster and her killing with vital hits were also more accurate.

Her killing move was fast and not in the least controlled by his magical spells, causing the Heaven Mystery Taoist, who had whole-heartedly cultivated internal energy, to feel like a failure. He suffered two hits, being bombarded by these unreasonable and illogical attacks, he fell backwards into the crowd. Xu Zhi then sprang up, jumped up high into the air and dropped down. She was still reluctant to stop, determined to go beat him up. But at this time, each and every celestial cultivator beside the Heaven Mystery Taoist, completely took out all of their magical weapons. Every type of magical spell and sword were aimed and thrown at Xu Zhi’s body.

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