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Was it Mo Qing who made Sima Rong use the Mechanical Magic Technique to arrange for the wooden-headed puppets to be here?

As I thought about it for a moment, I felt that this plan was very clever.

Xu Zhi’s body was strange. Magical auras in her body dispersed very quickly, so if others were to use magic on her, then it would disappear before it gets a chance to work. Unless she encountered Mo Qing, the former me, or the type of demon or celestial cultivators with an aura that was formidable enough to continuously cause great damage to her. Otherwise, ordinary people, such as those who were present today, when fighting each other, would still rather look after their faces than to show their true abilities, so basically, they were not a threat to her.

Magic was useless against Xu Zhi, but in return the result was also the same for her, cultivating magic was extremely difficult for her, circulating the internal aura in her body was hard to do, even learning the introductory Defensive Sword Technique was also a laborious effort.

So up until now, she still could not learn the Instantaneous Travel Technique, which was why she had to jump everywhere, back and forth.

If she was permitted to work together with the other Dark Guards, then demonic energy would be flowing all over the place. Not to mention that big goals would not get accomplished, instead she would burden the Dark Guards’ actions. But the wood-headed puppets were different, like Xu Zhi, they had to physically fly. Their bodies were equipped with internal gears, so they could be propelled without needing too much demonic energy. Thereby, they were less likely to attract the celestial cultivators attention, making it convenient to do surprise attacks.

So just as expected, Xu Zhi took the lead to wreak havoc during the gathering, while the wood-headed puppets silently emerged without a sound, catching and killing the celestial cultivators unawares.

In the midst of these sects’ disputes, the wooden-headed puppets helped divide a lot of the burden with the people of Qian Chen Pavilion and Xuan Yu Hall for a while. At the same time, Shen Qian Jin also ordered the disciples of Guan Yu Tower to protect Qin Qian Xian.

Previously, Nan Yue Cult had cultivated the Mechanical Magic Technique, but now, they were all exterminated. Therefore, the only person who perfected this Mechanical Magic Technique was Sima Rong, who they had actually deprived of the right to walk. Allowing Nan Yue Cult to participate in this meeting with the Ten Great Celestial Sects in this way, I momentarily savored the karma. Included among this karma, was something that could also cause someone to feel very rueful.

In such chaos as this one, Guan Yu Tower’s disciple, who was holding the mirror, had no choice but to rush about busily. The image in the mirror became fuzzy and wobbly, while the angle was swaying back and forth, making it difficult for people to see clearly.

But it was in thi

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