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I: “…”

She emerged from inside her body and repeatedly asked me: “What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?”

Even I did not know what was wrong with me. I sat in front of Mo Qing and watched him looking over at Zhi Yan’s limp body. His gaze appeared to be somewhat inquisitive, and yet he simply sat still and did not budge; he did not even go over there to give her a supporting hand.

“I suddenly remembered something.”

Zhi Yan asked me: “What? That’s not right…” She said, “At this time, don’t think about those other things. Possess my body first, deal with him until he leaves, and then talk about it later.”

I did not budge. I just simply remembered something from a long time ago, when I saw Mo Qing for the very first time. At that time, he was battered and exhausted and was surrounded by the Ten Great Celestial Sects. Luckily, at that time, it was unclear if Luo Ming Xuan was recuperating or doing something else, therefore, he did not come.

As he hugged the body of his already dead mother, his entire face expressed hopelessness. It was the same hopelessness like yesterday when I was laying down on the ground waiting for Liu Su Ruo’s female sword and the thousands of heavenly lights to pummel me.

Back then, I saved him just like how he saved me yesterday. I single-handedly carried his super small frame, stared intently at those powerful enemies surrounding us, and said to him: “I’ll take you away.”

I did not know whether his feelings at that time were similar to the feelings that I had yesterday or not; besides I would still be unable to gauge his feelings.

So the only thing that I could make a guess at right now was that…

Mo Qing had said these four words to me while in a situation like that because… He may have already seen some sort of clues coming from this body of Zhi Yan, even to the point where… He had long seen through it, but had merely restrained it and not displayed it.

Anyways, it may also be because these four words were so ordinary that it just happened to unexpectedly shake my heart and nothing more…

Because if in the beginning he had already seen that there was something fishy with Zhi Yan’s body, then why would he help me hide it anyways? Why did he not expose my identity? Why did he even present me with the Liu He Tian Yi Sword and give me the Nine Reversal Pills.

Mo Qing was so intelligent, it would not be hard for him to imagine that if Lu Zhao Yao had returned and was hanging around him, there was bound to be some wayward thoughts…

But he indulged me like so and even spoiled me; it could not be because from the beginning to the end, the one he had always liked was me, Lu Zhao Yao.

When these thoughts came together, I thought that it was ridiculous, but I still had these indescribable… Expectations…

I strode over to Zhi Yan’s body, while she whispered beside me: “How about you tell me what you just remembered first, I’m a little curious…”

I ignored her, wen

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