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For the next two to three days, Zhi Yan helped me burn paper money during the day. Then in the evening, I borrowed her body and instantly traveled to the ghost market. I went to check on my bank account in the Netherworld. As I watched the amount of money slowly accumulate, I became somewhat anxious.

Then I went to the ghost market’s tavern and asked Zi You about the approximate cost of one Resurrection Pill. Zi You’s answer made me even more anxious.

“According to the standards of the average person, one hundred thousand coins can roughly buy one shichen.” After saying that, Zi You immediately stared at me with fixed eyes.

*shichen – two-hour period

I understood his meaningful gaze, he was sympathizing with me. I felt that I had no hope in buying the Resurrection Pill. Because according to my standards, the average person would pay one hundred thousand to buy one Resurrection Pill, so then for me, I would have to pay one million coins.

Because the price that I had to pay was nine times more expensive than the average person. Then in the end, at the ghost market, they rounded up the price, so nine hundred thousand rounded directly up to one million.

Argh, I could see through all of your guys’ methods.

So when calculating back and forth, deducting the previous spending from the money in my account, and adding the amount from the past few days when Zhi Yan overworked herself to find people to burn ghost money for me, the current amount was twenty-eight thousand coins in total.

According to Zi You’s words, the standards for an evil person turned ghost like me, who was able to earn so much money in such a short time was already not an easy feat. As for ordinary ghosts,when offering sacrifices and paying respects to their ancestors, living people would only burn paper money once during the new year or other festivities. So it was not easy for ordinary ghosts to get an average of thirty to fifty thousand a year.

But I was not an ordinary ghost, argh!

This was such a slow pace to save money. When enough money was saved to buy the Resurrection Pill, many years would have already passed.

I wondered since Mo Qing likes me, then I should seduce him and mention this to him, so that he would use his authority as the sect leader. On Chen Ji Mountain, he would organize an ancestor ceremony and drag those tens of thousands of demon cultivators to one by one burn paper offerings for me.

If one person was one hundred, ten people was ten thousand, then when a gathering of ten thousand people joined hands to surround Chen Ji Mountain and burned offerings, they could burn one million in one day! After that, they would diligently burn paper money for me again for about a year! If so, then maybe I could buy the Everlasting Resurrection Pill and be resurrected!

However, it seems that the Everlasting Resurrection Pill did not exist… So once a month, I could devour the One Month Resurrection Pill; that would be a fine

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