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The thorny problem was that Xu Zhi had a very vague concept about “gender.” She was raised by me. I did not bother with trifling details, so she also did not bother with trifling details. After raising her to a certain age, I discovered that she did not have the awareness of “the differences between a male and a female.” By then, it was already too late to correct.

Anyways, since she was East Mountain Lord, no one even thought about taking advantage of her, so I just conveniently complied with her ways.

Therefore, when she licked Qin Qian Xian’s neck just now, she, herself, did not feel that there was anything wrong.

It was because I had told her to protect Qin Qian Xian, so she wanted to protect him in every aspect; if she failed, then it would even become her fault. Qin Qian Xian got injured, so it was also her fault. However, he was already injured, so she could only help him by licking his injury.

Off to the side, Shen Qian Jin stroked her chin with a solemn expression and said, “I did not expect that in this life, there would be a day where I would witness Qin Qian Xian being teased by someone.”

Oh, yes, back in the day, I only captured this Bodhisattva to take a look. I looked at him all night, and under his dignified jewel-like face, I could not act wantonly and be carelessly frivolous. On the contrary, this lass immediately approached, using her mouth.

“Now is not the time to talk about this!” Zhi Yan was very anxious, “Must think of a way to save Brother Cang Ling…”

My face darkened: “Tell Xu Zhi to take Qin Qian Xian away…” Over here, I had just spoken, but over there, the wooden-headed puppet, controlled by Sima Rong, immediately said: “Shi Qi, you take Qin Qian Xian away first, I’ll cut them off from behind.”

After saying that, beyond anyone’s expectation, Xu Zhi saucily hugged Qin Qian Xian’s waist, leapt high into the sky, trod on a sword, and flew away.

As soon as Qin Qian Xian left with Xu Zhi, this side naturally fell into a more dangerous crisis. The mirror swayed, but in the very last scene, a wooden-headed puppet was seen carrying Liu Cang Ling, getting ready to leave.

Immediately afterwards, the mirror seemed to have fallen on the ground and the chaotic image inside no longer existed.

Shen Qian Jin’s confidant said anxiously: “The remaining sisters and the other people…”

Shen Qian Jin said: “It actually doesn’t matter. As soon as Qin Qian Xian left, on the basis of each one of their anger, they’ll fight for a while. But the person they were fighting over is no longer there, so these celestial sects won’t really be too harsh with the same celestial sects. The only culprits responsible for this anger was the people of Wan Lu Sect, but they sent a pile of wooden-headed…” Shen Qian Jin smiled, “Wan Lu Sect Leader is actually brilliant. Without sending an army or losing a person, he still manages to divide the Ten Great Celestial Sects.”

I shot a glance over at Shen Qian Jin. T

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