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No… Right now, I felt like it was you, Master, who was taking liberties with me.

I really wanted to resist, but I completely did not expect that the distance between Mo Qing and I would be super close. Under a situation with such an ambiguous atmosphere like this, I actually… Did not have the strength to resist.

With his hand, he exerted a little bit of force to slightly raise my chin up. The distance was so close that I could hear his heart beating violently and the faint smile in his words: “Breach of societal norms.”

“Ba-dum…” These four words of his were accompanied by the sounds of his violently beating heart, as it got closer and closer to my breath. Suddenly in that moment!

“Aaaaahhhhh! For me, you guys have to stop before going too far!”

Beside me, a jarring scream suddenly tore into my eardrums, shortly thereafter, within a blink of the eye, I was suddenly knocked out of Zhi Yan’s body. When I turned back around, I saw Zhi Yan regain her body and with both hands on Mo Qing’s shoulders, she ruthlessly pushed him away.

Mo Qing retreated a step, steadied his body, and all of the earlier mixed emotions in his eyes faded away. He was as chilly and elegant as before. Without uttering a word, he looked at Zhi Yan, who burrowed into her quilt and wrapped herself up like a tube.

Zhi Yan lay there trembling for a very long time. She was so nervous like she was being executed at the guillotine: “Mas-, Mas-, Mas-… It’s late, you, you, you…”

“Li Chen Lan!”

Compared to Zhi Yan’s words of dismissal, another person’s words were a little more straightforward. It was the super tiny Gu Han Guang, who angrily stormed into the room. He absolutely did even notice where Zhi Yan was in the room and immediately questioned Mo Qing: “Shen Qian Jin… Why did you lock her up at my place?!”

Earlier Mo Qing had already stabilized his emotions, so when he saw Gu Han Guang, he simply replied indifferently: “She can be locked up elsewhere, but her safety won’t be guaranteed.”

So the implication here was that Shen Qian JIn being held prisoner at Gu Han Guang’s place was the safest choice in the entire Wan Lu Sect.

He did know about the past relationship between Shen Qian Jin and Gu Han Guang.

Come to think of it, Mo Qing could basically be considered as an elder from when I first established Wan Lu Sect. At that time, if he was not so young, had an ugly appearance, and did not have any talent, then he would have been able to obtain a bright position, even if he had not killed me.

In those years when I established Wan Lu Sect, even before the complete recruitment of the four mountain lords, Mo Qing should have been very clear about these matters. In addition, there was that junior brother, Sima Rong. As the West Mountain Lord, his information was probably not inferior to any of the subordinates under him.

Gu Han Guang clenched his teeth and restrained himself: “She can’t be at my place.”


“I’m afrai

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