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Shen Qian Jin nodded her head: “Oh…” She bowed her head as if she felt some sense of loss, and the corner of her lips curled somewhat self-mockingly: “I was too bold.”

But in response to her loss was only the sound of Gu Han Guang closing the door.

I immediately drifted out of the wall, glanced at Gu Han Guang outside the room, and only saw the hazy mist in his child-like eyes. Beside me, Zhi Yan asked me weakly: “Is he crying?”

“He had already cried.”

At that time, when the love poison in Shen Qian Jin’s body was transferred into his body, he helplessly watched himself turn into a child. Then, even under Shen Qian Jin’s pleads, he insisted on puncturing her head needle by needle to erase her memories that included him… After that, Gu Han Guang cried.

He helplessly embraced the unconscious Shen Qian JIn, who no longer had memories of him, and bawled his heart out.

From then on, Gu Han Guang did not step out of Chen Ji Mountain. He lived like a renunciate, and hated all pairs of lovers. Just because he was afraid that they would remind him of himself and his lover.

“Let’s go.” I dragged Zhi Yan away, “There’s nothing good about this kid’s trivial story. Instead, I want to discuss something with you, it’s sure to be much more interesting than this.”

I took Zhi Yan back to her room and reclined on the bed. I smiled beamingly and scrutinized her from top to bottom: “Little Sis Zhi Yan, it must be exhausting to mindlessly run about to recruit people to burn paper money for so many days, hmm.”

Zhi Yan suddenly felt numbness crawling all over her body. She trembled, took two steps back, and stared at me guardedly: “If you have something to say, then just say it.”

“Look at you, this big sis was only feeling sorry for you. I have a way to do this once and for all, so that you don’t have to run around recruiting people to burn paper money any more. Do you want to hear it?”

“You’re saying…”

“The way is to just let Li Chen Lan help me burn paper offerings. Then you can focus on resting, meditating, and improving your skills. I will also give you guidance. You just have to promise me one thing.”

“First, tell me what it is.”

I solemnly said: “In the future, when I want to caress him or kiss him, you have to stand still and not move a muscle.”

Zhi Yan was alarmed: “What did you say?!”

“Yesterday, didn’t you say that the body is just a shelter where the soul resides? When I’m inside, I am me, when you’re inside, you are you. It’s not you that’s doing it, so when I want to seduce Li Chen Lan, you just need to obediently stand still.”

“But you still can’t use my body to go kiss… Kiss him, ah! Then again, you already know that he likes you. So if you have any request, then you can just tell him directly. What else is there to talk about seduce or not seduce…”

“What do you know? He used to like me, because I had saved him, had those ostentatious titles, and also had mastered great abilities, b

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