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“Several celestial sects have advocated for the Ten Great Celestial Sects’ Sect Leaders to convene and discuss matters concerning what happened last night in Jin Zhou City. But the whereabouts of Jian Xin Sect’s Sect Leader, Liu Wei, is still unknown. Tower Leader, the day before yesterday, you were invited to go to Jin Zhou by Jian Xin Sect, and then the next day, after Jin Zhou was met with a disaster, you’re presently at Wan Lu Sect. I’m afraid that it will be difficult to explain to every celestial sect…”

Shen Qian Jin sat in the chair and sipped a mouthful of tea indifferently: “Nothing is difficult to explain. When will every sect’s sect leader convene? I actually have something that I want to inform each of the sect leaders.”

“Five days from now on Xian Tai Mountain.”

Shen Qian Jin nodded and turned around to look for Zhi Yan. The first phrase out of her mouth was to make Zhi Yan follow her to Xian Tai Mountain and report everything that Liu Wei had done for all the sect leaders to hear.

Zhi Yan became grave for a moment, and then turned her head to look at me, her eyes seemed to be seeking for an opinion.

I indifferently swept her a glance and replied:

“This is your body and also your business, if you want to go, then just go. It’s just that I want to remind you that the person Liu Wei wants to resurrect is not just some other person, but the Golden Immortal Luo Ming Xuan. Those old men of the celestial sects are not like the person in front of you, Shen Qian Jin, who is sensible and easy to talk to. If it’s not done well, then they’ll capture you and together you’ll go resurrect Luo Ming Xuan. Oh, however, if Qin Qian Xian is present, then he’ll probably protect you.”

For a moment, Zhi Yan became grave again and finally gritted her teeth to politely refuse: “Shen Tower Leader, I’m already someone who had entered the demonic path, so I should not go to the celestial sects’ meeting to avoid provoking gossip about you.”

I raised my eyebrow, it seems that Qin Qian Xian had chosen to trust Liu Wei instead of Zhi Yan. Therefore, it had caused a lot of trauma to Zhi Yan, so now, Zhi Yan was not willing to believe in him anymore.

Shen Qian Jin listened to her words and carefully thought about it. She understood Zhi Yan’s apprehensions and did not force the issue.

I saw that they had nothing else to talk about, so I had just planned on going down to the alchemy room to see Mo Qing. However, from outside the window, I saw a big black bird break through the window in Gu Han Guang’s room. The big bird rudely and arrogantly charged in. It spread its wings and landed on the table.

Zhi Yan was immediately frightened by it. I saw the big bird circle around the room, its vermilion eyes landed intently on Zhi Yan who was sitting on the bed. With a strange “wa” cry, it flew towards her body.

Zhi Yan cried out in alarm, while at her side, Shen Qian Jin withdrew her sword and wanted to behead it. However, the

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