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I turned my head and squinted at her: “Just a moment ago, you recklessly knocked me out of your body, what for?”

“If I didn’t knock you out, then you two would’ve already kissed! Besides, you’re using my body to do it!”

I narrowed my eyes and scrutinized Zhi Yan from top to bottom: “What do you know, I was testing him.”

“Testing what?”

“Testing to see who Li Chen Lan likes after all.”

“What do you mean who he likes…” Finally, she managed to respond, “Are you trying to see whether Li Chen Lan likes my body or the you that’s in my body?”

I crossed my arms, stood leaning against the door, and gave Zhi Yan an analysis using her level of intellect: “First, I asked him whether he felt Lu Zhao Yao had kissed him or not. If there’s no guilt in his heart, then if he did feel it, he would say yes, if he didn’t feel it, he would say no, but he chose to evade. Also, he didn’t ask where Lu Zhao Yao was, or even asked why Lu Zhao Yao kissed him. He was evading, evidently it’s because his heart is agitated…”

Zhi Yan’s mouth twitched and she immediately interrupted my words: “This still needs to be tested? A blind person can see that he likes you!”

She said these words so naturally, I got distracted: “When did you become blind that you could see it?”

“This body of mine is just a shell. When I’m inside, I am me, but when you’re inside, you are you. Regardless of which path the cultivator takes, isn’t it already theorized in the beginning that the body is just a shelter where the soul resides. Who would go love the shelter where the soul resides, hmm.”

I was amazed; I did not expect that one day Zhi Yan would say something that could convince me like this. Therefore, I asked her: “So then, just a moment ago, why didn’t you let Mo Qing touch your shelter?”

Zhi Yan was silent: “That’s different! Anyways… From early on, I had already told you that Li Demon likes you. It’s just that you didn’t believe it… That’s not quite right, in fact, I think your heart must already understand it thoroughly, but you’re just unwilling to believe it, that’s it.”

I became taciturn.

“Great Demon King, you protect yourself very well, so you absolutely refuse to have any unnecessary delusions with other people. Because if you don’t have any expectations, then other people won’t get the opportunity to hurt you.”

I looked at her: “How do you know?”

“I know because we’ve been together for so many days. To be precise, you’re a boastful young lady. For me, I feel like I have already regarded a lot of things as unimportant, but these things became that way only after I experienced hardship and pain. As for you, at first glance you’re more like a person who doesn’t care about anything, indifferent to everything, and can face everything calmly. The distance that I’m inferior to you is by several times. So in other words, the suffering that I received is inferior to yours by several times.” Zhi Yan turned to look at me, “You are a grea

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