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The corners of Mo Qing’s lips quirked up slightly: “I sent someone to tell her, Lu Zhao Yao is back.”

I was taken aback, gazing foolishly at Mo Qing: “When did… Lu Zhao Yao returned?”

Mo Qing turned his head to look at me, his eyes holding a little bit of tenderness: “Didn’t you say, she planned to come back and get revenge on me?”

Yes, I had told him this before, but could it be that this matter was not a headache for him… Why was he so weird: “…Why do you even look so happy…” I murmured out loud.

“Because, except for her, everything else doesn’t matter.”

My heart leapt.

At this moment, I could only think that Mo Qing was using nefarious methods. How come every phrase that came out of his mouth was all such an unfathomable mystery that made a person’s… Heart flutter.

He seemed to have thought of something rather amusing and said, “The dark guard who found Xu Zhi also sent back news. When Xu Zhi heard that Lu Zhao Yao came back to seek revenge on me, she was so happy that she jumped up and clapped her hands. Then she said that she’ll come back to kill me together with her.”

[Do not say this kind of matter so lightly and so cheerfully, alright?! If you are like this, then even I can actually raise my hand and hold the sword to pierce your heart! But I will also have no sense of victory either!]

“Yesterday, Xu Zhi just got ashore, and now at this time is the Xian Tai Mountain Convention, I’ll have her head over there first to examine the situation, and let her expend some of her physical strength.”

I looked at Mo Qing again: “She listens to you?”

“Mhm.” Mo Qing’s complexion did not change when he replied, “I said that they injured Zhao Yao.”

[Ahh… I did not realize that you, Ugly Little Monster, could fake an imperial edict to borrow strength in order to counter strength. Normally, you have such a serious face that spoke prudently and smiled kindly under the rule of benevolence, but when it was time to swindle someone, you could swindle without mercy.]

“I won’t let Luo Ming Xuan wake up.” He stood up, then instantly winked away, but before his departure, he said these words, “Rest peacefully.”

It truly made someone feel at peace…

I was lost in thought, staring at the night sky that he had left behind. Suddenly, a semi-transparent ghost crawled out in front of me. It was Zhi Yan, who was staring at me with fixed eyes: “Great Demon King, your heart’s touched, huh.”

“Tch… Aren’t you supposed to be crying, crouching in some corner? What excitement are you exploiting?”

“About everything that you just said, Brother Cang Ling is being controlled. He didn’t really go crazy, and didn’t really want to kill me. Actually when I thought about it carefully, one stab of his sword was enough to put me to death, but he deflected the edge of the blade, so I’m still alive. He’s being manipulated by someone, so what I should be thinking is how to save him, rather than crying.”

This lass…


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