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In the ground, it was as if Jian Xin Sect had built an underground palace. It was twisty and bendy with many mechanical traps, but these things were simply meaningless to a ghost such as myself.

I plunged straight down into the abyss to three zhang, and eventually found a stone room emitting a golden light. Before I approached, it felt like my soul was being scorched by the sunlight. My body lacked strength the closer I got to the room. I even felt a faint stabbing pain within my chest.

* Zhang – Chinese measurement of length, 1 zhang is 3.3 meters

As I passed straight through the stone door, I immediately entered into an icy room. The golden light inside was much brighter. I violently suppressed the pain and glanced around. Inside the room, I saw a bed made of cold ice and on it laid a white-clothed man, it was precisely my enemy.


Luo Ming Xuan.


As I drifted to his side to watch him, I suppressed the agonizing pain that nearly tore my body apart. I told myself that this was correct, this was exactly the way he looked, the face of a sanctimonious hypocrite.


When I looked around, I saw that the bed of ice that he was laying on was slightly sunken in. As if blood was coming up from under the bed of ice and soaking his body in fresh blood. Even his white clothes were gradually dyed scarlet and it carried a pure bloody smell that could make people feel nauseous. It was great because it suited him very well.

I extended my hand and had the desire to place it on his neck. I wanted to turn my five fingers into sharp talons, pierced through his skin and flesh, and then wrung his head off. So that in this world, no one could mend his body or would have the inclination to resurrect him again.


However, before my fingertips could touch him, I heard a “tut” that sounded like a piece of meat fell into a pot.


I looked at my fingertips and saw that the color was quickly fading away. Then the piercingly sharp pain came that caused my expression to darken.

As a ghost, I was unable to touch him.

The stone door behind me opened slightly and a speaking voice came through: “Couldn’t capture Qin Zhi Yan?” It was actually a female’s voice. Then a deep male voice next to her replied, “Li Chen Lan took her into Wu E Palace, therefore, she couldn’t be captured.”

I turned my head to look, when I saw these two people, I immediately understood.


It was Liu Wei and Liu Wei’s paternal aunt– Liu Su Ruo.

Speaking of which, she was also a long-time-no-see “old acquaintance.”

Liu Su Ruo had a marriage promise with the Golden Immortal Luo Ming Xuan that laid here. So he was her unmarried husband but because on the day that they were to be married, I “killed” Luo Ming Xuan. However, since Luo Ming Xuan cultivated to become a golden immortal, so his body could not die. Therefore, he would always be like this, in a

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