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I stood by the side and silently watched these two aunt and nephew. Although, I knew that they had gotten Qin Yu’s blood but they temporarily were still unable to truly awaken Luo Ming Xuan. The blood-boiling anger in my heart also diminished a little.

[It’s fine that it was unsuccessful, but inevitably I will have a way to make it impossible for both of you to accomplish it.]

“Can’t capture Qin Zhi Yan or kill Qin Qian Xian.” Liu Su Ruo sat beside the bed of ice, looking lonely, “Do you want me to really miss the opportunity to wake up Ming Xuan?”

Liu Wei bowed his head: “The bloodline of the Qin family members is the purest and cleanest, it is the holy medicine to resurrection…”

While I listened to the conversation between both aunt and nephew, I endured the pain and wandered around the stone room twice. When I was alive before, I could not see ghosts, but now that I am dead, I could see ghosts. So I was wondering if the ghost of Luo Ming Xuan would be nearby, but after two laps around, no other ghosts could be found.

Luo Ming Xuan could not die, therefore, his soul could not be reincarnated. During his lifetime, he had the body of a golden immortal and was accustomed to being on a high pedestal. So even if he died, he would certainly rather be disdainful than to keep company with lonely souls and wild ghosts, and gloomy places like the ghost market, he definitely would not go.

The greatest possibility was that he was always in this place, but now he was not here. Then that proves that his soul was most likely in a deep sleep together with his body.

Then that was great.

I thought that if I could not kill him, then I would make him unable to wake up whether he was alive or dead. He would not have the opportunity to see the beauty in this world and no way to create new memories for himself. Therefore, in this way, there was not much of a difference between being dead.

“…Their blood is irreproducible, but now in Jiang Hu, I know of one celestial sect that practices a cultivation method that can perfect the body to reach the purest state.”

“Which celestial sect?”

“Guan Yu Pavilion.”

After hearing this conversation, I turned my eyes slightly. As expected, from Liu Wei’s mouth, I heard three words: “Shen Qian Jin.”

Although I did not know exactly what was called the purest and cleanest blood that they were talking about. However, I did know about Guan Yu Pavilion’s cultivation method. Those who practiced it must be pure-minded, and free of wicked ideas, distracting thoughts, and desires.

Therefore, the practitioners of Guan Yu Cultivation Method could never fall in love. Once fallen, they would be immediately injured and the poison would accumulate in their bodies.

Many years ago, Gu Han Guang carried Shen Qian Jin, who was suffering from the love poison to beseech me. So I was fortunate enough to have witnessed the outcome of this legendary poison.

It could be said to be very tragic.

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