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After a moment of dizziness caused by the Instant Travel Technique, the tip of my nose smelled the fragrance of the wild flowers on Chen Ji Mountain, the clamorous noises in my ears gradually disappeared, and everything was properly settled in due course.

Mo Qing took me down to the ground along with Shen Qian Jin. Mo Qing appeared to have already exhausted all of his strength, even when he used the Instant Travel Technique, he lost his accuracy. Even I did not know which mountain top we had landed upon on Chen Ji Mountain. It was pitch black and extremely quiet that only the sound of insects in the early summer could be heard.

As soon as we landed on the ground, Mo Qing immediately went down on one knee and braced himself forcefully to stop his body from collapsing. At the same time, I rolled directly to the ground and lied on my back, while by my side, Shen Qian Jin stood firmly after much difficulty.

For just a moment, the three of us were silent and did not say anything. As I looked at the tranquil night sky, my brain that had just been split open by the golden light and demonic aura finally quieted down.

Then I gradually remembered that moment where it was like I had thrown away my sanity, what was I thinking? I would let Mo Qing take me away, protect me, love me… I… Since when did I start to think about these super messy things called love and feelings.

I looked at the quiet Mo Qing and told myself that it was because the wind was too strong and the golden light was too blinding, therefore, I was tossed from side to side and became foolish.

“Where is this place?” It was as if Shen Qian Jin was finally able to react and calmly spoke.

Mo Qing did not respond, while I lifted my hand and waved it back and forth with much difficulty: “We are probably on Chen Ji Mountain…” I looked towards the starry sky to determine the direction, and then pointed behind my head, “I’m out of strength… But you can still fly, so just take us to South Mountain Lord’s mountain top and find Gu Han Guang to take a look at our wounds…”

When Shen Qian Jin heard these words, her expression suddenly became startled for just a moment: “Gu Han Guang…”

[Oh, right, the name must be very familiar, it is your former lover’s name. Unfortunately, you do not remember it at all.]

As I covered my wound, the corners of my lips curled up and I could not help it but feel a slight anticipation. That brat who always showed people a sour face would all of a sudden see Shen Qian Jin appear in front of him, how wonderful would his expression be…

Shen Qian Jin followed what I said, she used the Instant Travel Technique to take Mo Qing and I to Gu Han Guang’s small residence on the mountain. As soon as we landed here, the scent of medicinal herbs could be immediately detected.

Had not even made a sound yet and the lantern in Gu Han Guang’s room illuminated. The door to the room was angrily opened and the small child-like body of Gu Han Guang w

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