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Just as I was pondering about it, in this moment, I suddenly saw another black energy that was abruptly floating in the sky of Jin Zhou City. I observed it; that black energy was actually coming from outside the golden light of Jin Zhou City’s Demon Defensive Array!

It was someone from the outside! Outside, there was a demonic cultivator who was also trying to destroy the Demon Defensive Array!

Who could it be? How did that person know of the news of a battle breaking out in Jin Zhou City so soon? Besides, who would dare to meddle and help Mo Qing and I in this moment of uncertain outcome? Was it someone from Wan Lu Sect? No, it could not be; North Mountain Lord was imprisoned, Gu Han Guang was a homebody, and Sima Rong absolutely could not have a powerful cultivation such as this. Was it that crazy girl, East Mountain Lord? No… She would only use the most rudimentary method to smash directly into the city gates…

I could not think of anyone who it could possibly be; and in this moment, the concentrated golden swords of light of the Demon Defensive Array also had felt the demonic energy’s attack coming from outside the city. The gigantic sword immediately parted and transformed into countless small swords with the blade’s edge pointing outward and shot towards the demonic energy that was outside.

Mo Qing took the opportunity to close his eyes and pour even more power into Wan Jun Sword. The earth burst open and the Demon Defensive Array rocked violently, but it still did not shatter.

I clenched my teeth and in my heart, I knew that I could not drag this out any longer. With one hand, I pressed on the wound on my shoulder, then I took my bloodied thumb and smeared the blood onto Liu He Tian Yi Sword to carry out a simple blood sacrifice technique that would add mighty strength to the sword. Then regardless of everything, I mobilized all of the power in Zhi Yan’s body. After that, I gathered it into Liu He Tian Yi Sword.

Beside me, Shen Qian Jin was staring at me. Her eyes showed astonishment, as if she was surprised at how I could know about this type of sorcery, the blood sacrifice. I did not pay any attention to her, turned around and stood in front of Mo Qing.

I glanced at him and in this moment, he looked even more similar to a god-like statue. It was just that he had black energy wrapped around his body that made him looked more like an evil god than an ordinary god. The corners of my mouth curled up and I smiled softly.

[Mhm, I like the evil god.]

I stood in front of him and just like him, I closed my eyes. Then I chanted an incantation and the light on Liu He Tian Yi Sword lit up. I calmed my heart, held the sword hilt, and then slammed the sword into the ground and firmly shouted: “Lightning!”

The entire length of Liu He Tian Yi Sword “crackled,” as it trembled fiercely with brilliant rays of light. Brilliant blue rays of light as thin as threads rushed towards the horizon. I waited silently for a m

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