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Ch 65.01

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As the Hour of the Rat finally arrived with much difficulty, I took possession of Zhi Yan’s body and picked up my sword. In spite of Little Cinnabar Mole’s interference from the outside, I immediately broke through the dark guards who were guarding Su Mountain’s magic array, agilely avoiding their attacks. Without much complication, I directly charged into it.

*Hour of the Rat (子时 – zǐ shí) – between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

As soon as I entered the array, the surrounding scenery instantly changed. It was no longer like the warm early summer from the outside, covered in wild green grass. Instead, it changed into a world of ice and snow, where the frigid wind was bitingly cold, just like arriving in the snowiest country in the extreme north.

However, strangely enough, I had clearly never been inside Su Mountain’s magic array, but I had a vague feeling that this place was very familiar.

I searched nearby, intending to find Mo Qing in the magic array as quickly as possible. However, when I flew up into midair and used the Clairvoyance Art, I was completely confused.

The world in this magic array… Was much larger than I had imagined!

Undulating glaciers that were unendingly continuous, with snowy fields and icy lakes, together they formed a labyrinth one after the other. This place was not a magic array, this place was a completely different world…

But wait…

Looking down from this height, this place appeared to be like… The glaciers that I saw when I returned to my body after I took the Resurrection Pill. Could it be that… Qin Qian Xian hid my body here? Inside Su Mountain’s magic array?

If that was the case, then I would get my body back soon, was that not so?

When I thought about it, my heart surged with excitement. I used clairvoyance to look everywhere, hoping to find them, Mo Qing and Shi Qi, sooner. However, the world was boundless, without any guidance, I searched everywhere but got no results. My heart was both anxious and helpless.

Suddenly in the midst of it all, I somewhat understood Mo Qing’s urgency when he dispersed his consciousness to find me.

So it turned out to be this type of anxiousness, huh…

A heavy, muffled “boom” sounded, coming from a distant place in the mountains. I located the direction and immediately flew over there. While I was still in midair, with a quick glance down below, I spotted a black robed Mo Qing.

His silhouette was clearly visible in the fields of ice and snow. I disliked even the thought of a slow flight down, so I flicked my fingers to instantly travel. I winked and landed behind him. Without calling out to him, I rushed up and wanted to hug him from behind.


“Ah! Can’t touch him!”

Suddenly off to the side, two voices could be heard. As soon as I was just about to touch Mo Qing, with much difficulty, I halted my hands and looked sideways. A moment ago in midair, with my quick glance, I only

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