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Ch 64.03

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Having heard straight from Zhi Yan’s lips that Mo Qing issued such an order, I smiled slightly: “After that?”

“After that, it became chaotic. There were those who supported Li Chen Lan, then there were those who stood on the dark guards’ side, but not all of the dark guards were on the dark guards’ side. In any case, the situation became very complicated… They even released that old man, North Mountain Lord. That old man used your name and said that he would eliminate the traitors, behead Li Chen Lan…”

I could imagine that this time it was probably one of Wan Lu Sect’s predestined fate. If this was not handled well, then Wan Lu Sect would be divided into two sides.

As a matter of fact, this problem was very easy to solve!

Was North Mountain Lord not loyal to me?! Was he not holding up my banner?!

As long as I could find my body, return back into my body, hold Mo Qing’s hand, stand in the big plaza in front of Wu E Palace, embrace Mo Qing, kiss each other, and then the two sect leaders would announce the intention to get married! Would this problem not be easily solved?!

Speaking of this! It was because I still have not found Qin Qian Xian!

Just wait for me to find Shi Qi, and see if I would not spank her ass! Told her to bring him back to the mountain, and look at how many things this had brought!

As I huffed aggressively, I could only glide around in the air with my arms crossed, waiting for time to pass.

I had never felt how difficult it was to get through the day before. I waited through the night until sunrise, until midday, and finally until nightfall. When I saw the Hour of the Rat arriving before my eyes, I eagerly waited, wanting to enter Zhi Yan’s body. All of the sudden, that Little Cinnabar Mole from yesterday came knocking on the door.

*Hour of the Rat (子时 – zǐ shí) – between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

He was actually frowning and his expression was a bit solemn. Knowing that they cultivated the Bodhisattva Path, so for them to worry like this, I knew in my heart that something must have happened. Immediately, I followed close behind Zhi Yan and intently listened to him: “Last night, there was internal strife on Chen Ji Mountain. Zhi Yan, was it because of this that you escaped to Qian Chen Pavilion?”

Zhi Yan was silent and did not answer, so Little Cinnabar Mole spoke again: “Last night, some sects had received news throughout the night. Today, just as noon passed, that Jiang Wu from Xin Mountain and four sects from the Ten Great Celestial Sects gathered together to go to Chen Ji Mountain.”

Zhi Yan was so shocked that she covered her mouth.

I narrowed my eyes: “Oh, Jiang Wu, profiting from the situation.” I sneered coldly, “Such a brat, full of treachery.”

Last time, Mo Qing did not kill him. Now he started to gather helpers, ganging up to burn my backyard. He also learned Mo Qing’s trick to join forces with the celestial sects, just

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