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After the kiss, I cupped Mo Qing’s cheeks, while he clutched my waist tightly. It should have been the moment for the next step… However, when I lowered my eyes, I saw Luo Ming Xuan, the pale-faced living dead, lying on the ground. Then I swept a glance all-around to see my enemies slowly getting up. I clenched my teeth and suppressed the impulses in my mind.

Not good, I still had not finished off these hindering blokes, besides, Wu E Palace had also collapsed, so there was no place to do the deed.

I had traveled over land and water, and suffered untold hardships, with much difficulty, I was finally able to retrieve my body. Now, these disgraceful jerks were actually hindering my affair. I felt a rush of anger.

Mo Qing understood my thoughts, so he loosened his arms, letting go of me. I lifted my eyes to gaze at him and saw that he was also casting an ice-cold look at these blokes off to the side. I understood him, he was just like me, we both felt that they were being a hindrance.

So I stepped out from Mo Qing’s embrace.

Just a moment ago, they were fighting fiercely, so all around there was not even one underling. That was great, I just so happened to like it this way. It was possible to have a straightforward conversation, that was convenient, simple, and fast, avoiding the continuous chatter of the crowd’s discussion from below, which always appeared noisy.

As my gaze swept across their faces, Yuan Jie’s old eyes stared at me, completely stunned. Beside him, the Chief of the Dark Guards also bore a similar expression. Those pair of eyes also stared at me fixedly.

He used such a pure expression to stare at me, making me feel that he was somewhat familiar… But at that moment, I could not remember who he was. So I took another look at those Four Great Celestial Sects’ grandmasters. They were just like the disciples of Qian Chen Pavilion. They all stared at me as if they had just seen a ghost, looking at each other in dismay, without uttering a single word. They acted as if whoever spoke first would be the first to be taken away by me.

However, in the end, I did not expect that among these many people who knew me, the one who should know me the least was the first to open his mouth to say my name: “Lu Zhao Yao…”

I turned my head to look at Jiang Wu.

Little Short Hair seemed to be heavily injured by Mo Qing’s hit from a moment ago. He clutched his chest with a mouth full of blood. The expressions on his flamboyant facial features were extremely complicated. His eyes were both astonished and confused, while his mouth kept mumbling unceasingly: “Lu Zhao Yao, Lu Zhao Yao, I remember now. So that was it, that was it…”

What was remembered? Also, what was “that was it?”

I was absolutely puzzled. My real body should not have anything to do with Jiang Wu, right? Also, he only became famous in this Jiang Hu after I died. Besides, when I was still in Zhi Yan’s body, I only went to Jiang City to burn paper of

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