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Ch 60.01

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When Liu Cang Ling left in the morning, I accompanied Zhi Yan in Zhuo Chen Hall. I was not someone who could comfort another person, but she probably did not need any comfort. Therefore, I simply lay on the windowsill, and told her to practice some martial arts in the courtyard.

Now that I was not afraid of being detected by Mo Qing, I could daringly teach her with peace of mind.

A few days ago, when I was in her body, I helped her meditate for a while, and cultivate for a while. I even took several Nine Reversal Original Pills, so her cultivation had improved a lot. I used her body several times to stretch her magical abilities beyond its limits. Although it injured her body somewhat, it also quickly raised her cultivation base to the upper boundary.

If it was said that when she first entered Wan Lu Sect, her cultivation base was estimated to be just among the middle- and lower-level demon cultivators. Now, I could guarantee that if Zhi Yan encountered that same situation like before, where she suffered North Mountain Lord’s beating, then for herself, she would not do worse than me.

When I told her to focus her mind on practicing her skills, she cooperated. So throughout the span of one day, she was so tired that she did not even have the effort to go ponder about those things related to Liu Cang Ling.

As I taught her into the evening, I saw the sun going down the mountain. I ran out swinging and immediately discussed with Zhi Yan that I would first go to the ghost market to settle my debt, then by the time the Hour of the Rat came, Zhi Yan would bring her body to go find me. In this way, after I finished with the debt at the ghost market, I could immediately possess her body and come back. Those precious two hours with Mo Qing would not be wasted in the least.

*Hour of the Rat (子时 – zǐ shí) – between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

“What about me?” Zhi Yan felt a little aggrieved, “You’re just going to toss me aside in the ghost market like that?”

I looked at her utterly deadpan: “After a busy day, you definitely want some stillness…”

“I don’t want it.”

“… Don’t talk back.” I said, “You definitely want some stillness. I’ll give you a timeframe of these two hours, you can float to wherever and soak up the wind. When the two hours pass, you’ll automatically return to your body, don’t be scared.”

She bit her lip. In the end, she still obeyed, accepted her fate, and said: “Alright…”

Then I bluntly drifted towards the ghost market.

I relentlessly hurried all the way to the ghost market and with much difficulty, I made it there during the first Hour of the Pig. There was still more than an hour until the Hour of the Rat, so there was enough time for me to deal with these terrible messes in the ghost market.

*Hour of the Pig (亥时 – hài shí) – between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.

My first thought was to go to the Da Yin Netherworld Bank to check my account and see how

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