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Ch 67.02

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However, before I could express my displeasure, Mo Qing’s Wan Jun Sword that carried his aura had already rolled out a wave of anger. It aggressively slammed into Jiang Wu’s knee, who had just stood up, causing him to kneel down directly in front of me.

With one hand, Jiang Wu propped himself up on the other knee that still had not hit the ground, as his entire body was being suppressed by Mo Qing’s tremendous strength. It was just like last time, when he took Zhi Yan’s body with my soul in it, and Mo Qing rushed over and stopped him.

Mo Qing did not kill him, but only made him kneel down to first break seven-tenths of his arrogance, scrape away five-tenths of his frivolousness, and make him speak with three-tenths inferiority.

However, Jiang Wu refused to be inferior. Under the enormous pressure brought on by Wan Jun Sword, even the bricks under his feet were forced to shatter inch by inch. As the stones cracked, the corners of his mouth were still smiling.

I narrowed my eyes, watching him, “Object in your pocket? No one has yet dared to say that to me.”

He was still laughing: “I love being the first one.”

“You will be the last one.” Mo Qing’s voice was as cold as ice, as it dropped deeply, it was accompanied by the sword aura of Wan Jun Sword. With a “swoosh,” the pressure in the atmosphere turned into tens of thousands of knife blades, aimed directly at Jiang Wu to chop him up into ground meat.

The celestial sect people could not bear to witness such a ruthless method, so they turned their heads away, and with a “blech,” they vomited.

However, as I calmly watched that flesh and blood turn into flying dust, scattering into the wind, Jiang Wu’s voice was still adrift in the air: “Lu Zhao Yao, wait for me to come find you.”

Tch, it was a puppet again, where the hell was this son of a bitch’s real body hidden?!

As I turned my head, I saw Mo Qing gazing into the distance where the flying dust had scattered. His face was filled with murderous intention and his entire body was bitingly cold, when I saw this, it stunned me somewhat. After I came back to myself, Mo Qing’s murderous aura had faded away, as he met my gaze.

As our four eyes intertwined, he exercised a little restraint and turned his head away.

Then he said to those Four Great Celestial Sects grandmasters: “If you want to leave here in one piece, then order all of your disciples to quickly hand over all of the magic treasures on their bodies. Otherwise, you won’t even get the chance to roll out of Wan Lu Sect.”

Hand over their magic treasures…

Mhm, as long as it did not injure somebody’s life, this move was actually very sinister.

There were a lot of people from the Four Great Celestial Sects here. They came to sneak an attack on Wan Lu Sect, so they were bound to bring the elites of the sect, and the elites of the sect naturally carried the highest quality weapons and magic treasur

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