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Ch 64.01

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I blinked and arrived at Su Mountain. Su Mountain was made up of a continuous strip of small rolling hills, there was green grass everywhere and did not have any big trees. The people of Qian Chen Pavilion said that this place was pure like raw silk, so as a result it was named Su Mountain.

*sù (素) – raw silk; white; plain, unadorned; vegetarian (food); essence; nature; element

However, in my opinion, their statement was actually all a lie…

This strip of hilly land was not to be trifled with in the least. It was a place that was just a bit larger than Xi Yue Peak and was layered with hundreds of magic arrays which consisted of killing formations, mazes, and arrays within arrays. So if one carelessly took the wrong step, then one would immediately be trapped within the array.

Since ancient times, Su Mountain had been the natural defense system of Qian Chen Pavilion. After Qin Qian Xian became the Pavilion Master, apart from practicing the Bodhisattva path, he was also passionate about the study of battle formations and magic arrays, giving these natural formations an increase of viciousness.

In my opinion, this Su Mountain had the same appearance of virtues as Qin Qian Xian, a face that was both emotionless and harmless towards humans and animals, but behind one’s back, he could still even do such unscrupulous things like steal another person’s corpse.

I blinked into the sky above Su Mountain and did not dare to land. I was afraid that with one careless tread of my foot, without finding Mo Qing yet, I would end up trapped within some magic array.

As I looked down, not far away from Su Mountain was Qian Chen Pavilion. The people of Qian Chen Pavilion usually conduct themselves in a low-key manner. All of the buildings and pavilions were built low. At midnight, no one was fond of being noisy, even the oil lamp was not lit. An entire Qian Chen Pavilion that was connected to Su Mountain appeared to be just like an uninhabited place.

Therefore, in an environment such as this, the starry dots of the torches in the mountainous fields appeared to be especially eye-catching.

I used the Clairvoyance Art to look down below, there was a place where many people stood, all of them were the dark guards. While on the other side, there stood a few scattered people, dressed in plain green clothes, they were all Qian Chen Pavilion’s disciples.

I instantly blinked and landed in the place where most of Qian Chen Pavilion’s disciples stood.

At the Xian Tai Mountain Convention, Qin Qian Xian was treated in such a way and then disappeared, but his disciples did not appear to be anxious whatsoever. Some stood holding a torch, keeping a lookout into the distance. Some did not even bother to light the torch, just meditating cross-legged on the spot, submerged in tranquility, each of them completely looked like they were going to ascend into immortality.

In any case, I did not re

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