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Ch 67.03

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After all, I was considered to have died once, so I knew the ghost market’s… Rules. Nevertheless, I did not want Mo Qing to carry those life debts on his back. If he wanted them to hand over their magic treasures, then have them hand over their magic treasures and allow these celestial people to go back with their tails between their legs. Afterwards, they would not dare to rashly provoke Wan Lu Sect again. The result would be the same without any delay.

After hearing Mo Qing’s words, the four celestial sect grandmasters fumed with rage between their gritted teeth and their eyes filled with hidden resentment.

Ohh, looking at their expression, they were not even willing to hand over their magic treasures, heh. Young people nowadays really did not understand the concept of being sensible compared to back in the day.

I walked to Mo Qing’s side and leaned into his embrace, standing lazily. I stared at them and sneered coldly: “If you think that Li Chen Lan’s method is inappropriate, then let’s just follow my previous rules. Let’s go straight for the killing and snatching, the result will be the same anyway.” As I patted Mo Qing’s chest, I asked, “What do you think?”

Mo Qing was very cooperative and answered me with a single word: “Deal.”

I tilted the corners of my lips to smile, extremely happy.

However, those young people were extremely resentful: “Lu Zhao Yao, you!”

“What about me?” I crossed my arms, “You people delivered yourselves to the door, then you have to be ready to be bullied. Put down your swords or prepare to die, choose one.”

Finally, there was at least one who was afraid of death. He got up, patted his clothes, threw the sword in his hand down with a “clang,” turned around, and went down the mountain. Upon seeing this, several other people looked at each other in dismay. In the end, they stood up one after the other, even though they were unwilling, they had no other alternative but to throw down their swords.

I turned my head to look at Yuan Jie: “Go atone for your crimes. Escort them down the mountain for me and seize all the swords and magic treasures from those celestial sects’ disciples.”

“Impossible…” Yuan Jie did not appear to have recovered from his shock. He just kept staring at me in astonishment, “Impossible, impossible, if the sect leader is still alive, it is impossible that she has not been seen for five years…”

“I have indeed died.” I replied, “Yuan Jie, during that year when you were harmed by your enemies, your family died, leaving you destitute and homeless. When I took you into Wan Lu Sect, I made you swear that you’ll be completely loyal, never to betray.” I narrowed my eyes, staring at him, “If one of these days, I died and I can’t come back, is this how you’ll treat Wan Lu Sect? Divide the sect into two, work together with the enemy, humiliate the disciples, and even resurrect my personal enemy?”

I voluntarily kicked

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