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He was Zi You’s elder brother, so this was a little bit difficult to handle.

If I did not know Zi You, did not know about the fate between them brothers and me, then I would just let Mo Qing dispose of him today.

However, since I already knew the story here, and now that Lin Zi Yu had taken up the position of Chief of the Dark Guards, when he saw me, he still reverently called me sect leader. So his rebellion against Mo Qing, I fear that it was partly to avenge me.

Then again, when I was in the ghost market, Zi You had helped me out a lot…

I turned my head and threw this complicated issue at Mo Qing: “He was promoted by you. The person that he treated most guiltily is you, so you decide.” Having said that, I started to take a step. I originally planned to go look at the area behind Wu E Palace. If I could use my magic power to fix it up, once I fixed the place up properly, I would wait for Mo Qing to finish handling Lin Zi Yu, then I could immediately grab Mo Qing’s small hand and push the door directly into the room…

However, I did not expect that, as soon as I took a step, my feet suddenly became soft. I felt the helplessness from before in Su Mountain’s battle array surged up again. My body, not under the control of my will, fell backwards.

Mo Qing’s startled expression flitted across his face. His arms seized my body and he clasped me into his embrace.

Ooh, this chest was really warm, huh…

I lifted my hand to grope him, but before I could even blow on the hot tofu that was delivered to my mouth, I heard Mo Qing’s tense voice: “What’s wrong?” Then with a “swoosh,” my soul and body separated.

I was surprised!

What was going on again? How could my soul and body still get separated? Did I not integrate my soul and body together properly? I was able to use magic, and I drank Qin Qian Xian’s blood… Wait a minute, was it because I drank Qin Qian Xian’s blood, so I was able to stay in my own body and use magic?

Was it because such a long time has passed since I drank his blood, so the power that his blood brought on was gone?

If it was like this, then would I not need to capture someone from the Qin family to draw their blood every two to four hours in the future?

I had not even pondered on how this matter would end, when I felt the fragile morning sunlight fall on my body, a piercing, burning pain spread throughout my soul.

As for my body, it lay limply in Mo Qing’s embrace. There was simply not enough time for me to look at Mo Qing’s expression, as I suppressed the pain and promptly drifted off to the side to hide within the shadows of the collapsed Wu E Palace.

“Zhao Yao?” Out of habit, Mo Qing’s voice usually hid all of his emotions, but his tense breathing still revealed his nervousness.

“Sect Leader?” Lin Zi Yu got up slightly, wanting to see me through Mo Qing’s embrace, but was summoned by Mo Qing: “Qin Zhi Yan… Go to Qian Chen Pavi

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