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Ch 64.02

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Little Cinnabar Mole glanced over towards the dark guards: “The magic array that they’re guarding behind them is the one that Li Chen Lan entered. A few days ago, we searched alongside them for the magic array that the pavilion master is located in, and then finally we determined that it is this maze here. After Li Chen Lan came, he immediately entered to search for him. Up until now, he still has not come out. So the dark guards have been on guard, not allowing us to get near.”

“They won’t let you guys get near, so you guys really won’t get near? Little Shi… That East Mountain Lord, and your pavilion master… My big uncle is also inside, argh!”

Little Cinnabar Mole placed both hands together in prayer: “People outside the array cannot interfere with what’s inside the array. Su Mountain’s enchantment barriers are closely linked with one another, getting near or not getting near makes absolutely no difference. After entering Su Mountain’s magic array, everything depends on the Will of Heaven.”

Forget it.

I did not want to argue with him.

I rolled up my sleeves and planned to withdraw my sword to surpass the dark guards outside and rush directly into the magic array.

No matter how powerful Su Mountain’s magic array was, I did not believe that it could ensnare Mo Qing. The reason Mo Qing remained inside and did not come out, there must definitely be a justification for it. I must go in and help him, even if it was of no use, I would let him leave first and stay inside to resist because Wan Lu Sect’s internal strife must not expand.

I must not let them find Luo Ming Xuan!

However, when I was about to begin, a sudden burst of pain arrived in my heart. I was taken aback, I only felt my heart and soul tremble, and then I was suddenly knocked out of this body.

Zhi Yan’s soul returned…

The Hour of the Rat had unexpectedly passed in such a way!

*Hour of the Rat (子时 – zǐ shí) – between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

As I secretly clenched my teeth, off to the side, I heard Little Cinnabar Mole softly ask Zhi Yan: “Miss Zhi Yan, does your body feel unwell?”

Zhi Yan took a deep breath, waved her hand, and subconsciously answered: “It’s nothing.” She turned her head and saw the person next to her. She was shocked again, “Big Brother Su Yan.” She laughed, “Why are you…” With all of her might, she stopped these words and glanced over at me, “Ha ha ha, it’s so dark, how can I only recognize you now.”

Mhm, she could talk more nonsense than before.

I no longer paid attention to her and used this astral body to pass through those dark guards’ bodies, gliding to the magic array behind them.

However, this astral body of mine could not break through the magic array.

In this world, there was probably only me in this state. I would never be ensnared by Su Mountain’s magic arrays because nothing in the world of the living could hurt me, so magic arrays were the same. Th

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