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From above, it was a cave that was frozen over with crisscrossing jagged ice. It was unknown for how many years that this place had already been freezing. It was also unknown how thick the ice on the cliff was, looking past it, it naturally formed deep valleys of blue.

As I walked outside, I readjusted to my somewhat stiff body. I did not know whether this subtle stiffness was due to freezing for too long or due to being dead. However, once I manipulated the aura in my body to circulate, I realized that compared to when I was at my peak, the current me was perhaps weakened by more than half.

However, that matters not, Luo Ming Xuan had also just awakened. Perhaps he was not much better off than me, he could still even be much worse off.

Every time I took a step forward, I got more adapted to this body. The more I went forward, the longer my strides became. The long alternating black and red robe dragged on the ground, swaying gently all the way. The dragging sounds that it made also became more and more like the noises that were made when I walked past Wu E Palace in Wan Lu Sect long ago.

The surrounding jagged ice shattered my silhouette, making this time and space seem particularly chaotic. However, the more chaotic it was in the outside world, the more rationally clear my mind was in reflection.

Now that Luo Ming Xuan had awakened, golden light had swept over more than half of the land under the jurisdiction of the Celestial Realm, but no one knew where he was. I could imagine how much effort it took for Liu Su Ruo and those celestial people to hide Luo Ming Xuan away. However…

Even if they could deceive Heaven, they still could not deceive me.

It was because my seal was still in his heart. Even if they used a magical spell that utilized other people’s lives to awaken Luo Ming Xuan, but my seal was still there, my power could never be removed.

I paused my footsteps and closed my eyes slightly, letting my spiritual consciousness extend outward through this unknowingly deep, frozen ice cave. As I extended outward, I gradually saw the rocky mountains and earthy soil. I saw the snowy breeze above the dense forest. I even saw that there was a frozen lake. It was a big snowy mountain with glaring sunshine, and then, the surrounding scenery receded faster and faster until it became a blur.

The only thing that was clear was the black demonic energy condensing into a thread, which linked my fingertips to the center of Luo Ming Xuan’s heart.

That was the seal I left him, it was also his curse.

I abruptly opened my eyes: “I found you!” In the next moment, I utilized the Instantaneous Travel Technique. The chilliness around me instantly faded, and the light warm breeze blew across my cheek.

I was already standing in midair, and below me was Feng Mountain. The golden iridescent Ming Feng Palace still possessed the prickly gleam that made someone’s eyes ache as before.

I used to think that in this lifeti

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