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As soon as my chest moved, the pain enveloped my heart, making my mind become somewhat muddled. Then my body fell uncontrollably into Mo Qing’s embrace. I rested my forehead on his chest until the feeling of light-headedness subsided for a little bit.

As far as Mo Qing was concerned, it was as if on my body, there was a branding iron that burned him, making him tremble slightly. His palm held my arm, as if he was trying to control his emotions with all his might.

I gritted my teeth, tenaciously restraining the blood in my throat: “Luo Ming Xuan is still alive.”

He became somewhat contemplative, and said in an ice-cold voice: “He won’t live for long.”

As Mo Qing’s hand circled my body, his warm palm pressed against my back. I only felt a force being transmitted from his palm, it flicked around and shattered the Demon Vanquish Curse in my heart. The pain that seized my heart immediately vanished. Along with it came his unique strength, it was warm and thick, filling up my absolutely empty internal aura.

As my forehead rested on his broad chest, I could not help myself and turned obliquely towards the hollow of his neck, finding a more comfortable position for myself.

Mo Qing’s body stiffened slightly, and the energy that was flowing into my body suddenly stopped, and then, he relaxed immediately after.

I had never imagined that one day I would rely on another person, while fighting on the battlefield…

All of a sudden, I noticed that the seal I placed on Luo Ming Xuan’s heart was getting further and further away.

I suddenly came back to myself, this was not good, I only had four hours, it was very likely that the fight from before had already wasted more than half of the allotted time. Right now was not the time to take advantage of Mo Qing.

As I clenched my teeth, my hand pushed against Mo Qing’s chest to move him away: “Can’t let him get away, chase after him!”

“You’ll stay here.” Mo Qing withdrew his hand and got up to leave, but I pulled him back: “I crawled out from Hell with much difficulty, so I didn’t come back to mess around.”

He pursed his lips, but did not try to stop me again. He only removed Wan Jun Sword hanging from his side. He handed it to me like he was gifting me a wildflower by the side of the road.

I was stunned and dumbfoundedly raised my head, gazing at him. In my mind, I suddenly remembered a certain evening when I was in Zhi Yan’s body. That day, I told him that Lu Zhao Yao wanted to come back and seek revenge on him, and yet he said, if Lu Zhao Yao did come back, he would readily surrender the sect leader position.

At that time, when he said it, he downplayed it, so when I heard it, I did not heed it. But I did not think that he could actually have such determination…

It was unlikely that he did not know what Wan Jun Sword signified, otherwise during that year, I would not have placed this life on this sword.

“Wan Jun Sword recognizes its owner.” I said, “I c

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