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With one of my hands, I firmly pressed his left hand onto the ground, while my other hand tried to snatch his Feng Ming Sword. I gathered all of my strength to bend his wrist, forcing him to thrust his sword into his chest.

Luo Ming Xuan was also using the last of his remaining strength to wrestle with me.

All of a sudden, I felt my heart panic, my heart stopped beating for a moment. I knew this feeling very well. This was the feeling I got every time my soul was about to leave Zhi Yan’s body.

This would not do…

How could I fail at the very last moment.

However, the sense of leaving in my heart had already made me do my utmost to maintain this current deadlock with Luo Ming Xuan. I absolutely could not make the blade of the sword penetrate his chest!

I could not reconcile with this… I…

The corner of my eye flashed. Off to the side, I saw Liu Su Ruo who was laying on the ground suddenly crawl back up, holding her remaining female sword, gathering all the strength that she possessed to rush at my back.

Right at this moment, I was pressing Luo Ming Xuan’s body down, when suddenly, my heart came up with a plan. In the moment that she pierced forward with her sword, I released all of the strength in my body.

Just like a normal mortal who had never cultivated before, letting her sword directly impale my body and the tip of the sword entered into Luo Ming Xuan’s chest.

My blood followed the blade of her sword to fall into the center of Luo Ming Xuan’s heart, seeing Luo Ming Xuan’s complexion suddenly turn deathly pale, I softly chanted the seal incantation.

Hearing my voice, Liu Su Ruo suddenly went crazy, forgetting to even draw out her sword. She immediately sealed her ears and shouted: “No! No! Shut your mouth! This cannot be!”

She remembered it. Luo Ming Xuan remembered it even more. That year at their wedding, after I had chanted this incantation, I made Luo Ming Xuan fall into a deep eternal sleep. Every word, every phrase, every pause made Luo Ming Xuan’s body stiffened more and more. Until finally, his eyes closed completely. His breathing became faint as if he was fast asleep.

“Ah!” Liu Su Ruo screamed mournfully behind me, “Ah!”

She could not utter anything else, besides screaming as if she did not speak any other language.

While I bore her female sword, allowing her blade to penetrate through my cold heart, I sat on Luo Ming Xuan’s body and turned my head to look at Liu Su Ruo: “Alright, this farce is finished.”

It was her hand that had personally killed him.

Everything went back to how it was before.

Luo Ming Xuan continued his deep slumber, and Liu Su Ruo continued her madness. It was just that above the sky, among the clouds, a raging fire suddenly exploded, accompanied by the mournful shrill of the phoenix. The color of the sky was blood-red, but it was unknown whether it was due to being burned by the raging flames or being stained by the phoenix’s blood.

I loo

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