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Ch 55.01

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In the dungeon, I waited for Zi You to come back. I thought that it would not take him a long time to send a dream, but this waiting had me waiting for him all day. Until the evening of the next day, Zi You finally floated over.

He arrived before my prison, his anxious expression was the same as yesterday as he looked at me, and he said: “I have just heard that you, Big Sis, have been confined in prison. Why did you go take the mirror from Da Yin Netherworld Bank?! How are you doing?”

I looked at him, somewhat distractedly.

Yesterday… Did he not pretty much say the same words?

Behind him, I looked towards Née Zhou mother and son, only to see that the two of them were both silent as well.

“I’m fine.” I answered Zi You’s question. Then I carefully observed him in silence.

Zi You heaved a deep sigh of relief, his expression was the same as yesterday, and he said: “I already helped you make some inquiries. the shopkeeper of that branch from that bank seems to be somewhat angry, and wants to imprison you guys for three days, and then re-examine.”


Faced with my somewhat slow reaction, he thought I was angry with him. Therefore, he scratched his head, and embarrassingly said: “Big Sis, it was not that I did not want to help you. It really was because for me… I didn’t have any means to buy the Resurrection Pill.” He paused for a moment and sighed.

“Let me tell you the truth. My recent memories are somewhat vague, so probably my day is coming soon. Before I finally depart, I want to raise enough money to go to the Da Yin Netherworld Bank to take a look at my past life. After all, I want to know what my name was, where I came from, what I had done in the past, who did I know… So in that way, even if all of my memories disappear in the next moment, I won’t even have any regrets.” He merely looked at me, “But I only have enough money to look at my past life once, so I…”

“I don’t blame you.” I stopped his next words, but did not know what else to say to comfort him. When he said these things so calmly, he did not look like he needed me to comfort him, so I just repeated, “I don’t blame you.”

He needed money so much, but yesterday he still agreed to willingly go buy an Entering Dream Pill to help me send a dream.

I slightly pursed the corners of my lips up, but I could not repeat those words to tell him to help me go buy things as easily as yesterday.

“Staying in this dungeon, it’s not bad at all.” I said, “It’s very quiet and super comfy. I even want to make them detain me for a few more days.”

Hearing me talk like this, he was finally able to let his heart somewhat ease. Then I urged him to go back to work at the tavern, eventually he turned around to leave. However, he glanced at the shackle on my hand, and turned back again, repeating all the speculations that he had told me yesterday. Then finally, he swayed away.

After I watched him drift a

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