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Ch 53.01

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

I was drifting in a void, not knowing for how long I floated before the buzzing noise in my ear just stopped.

“… Qiong… Lu Qiong, Lu… Qiong!”

In my ears, a middle-aged man’s voice kept calling out my name. Accompanied by his voice, I only felt my body suddenly falling down. In the process of falling, my memories scattered into fragments all around me, then everything gathered back into my brain.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes.

Before me was the pale face of this little chubby ghost with a goatee: “Lu Qiong!” As he shouted out loud, I drifted backwards, feeling the familiar lightness of my body, and the pain from those body injuries receded. Once again, I had returned to the ghost market.

“Don’t call me Lu Qiong.”

It was extremely annoying to hear that word, qiong.

*qiong – poor

I rubbed my forehead, still feeling somewhat dizzy. I recalled the fight that had just happened before my eyes, then comparing it to the distinctly cold and peacefully calm ghost market, it was just like two different worlds…

Ah, it was originally two different worlds.

Right now, I was in this world, while Ugly LIttle Monster was in that other world, snivelling away right at this moment.

When I thought of the moment just before I disappeared, seeing Mo Qing’s panic-stricken and helpless appearance, my heart abruptly crumpled, and my throat slightly choked like there was a bitter and astringent taste.

However, carefully thinking about it, I still did not understand it. I used to treat him so badly. I only saved his life, then I abandoned him in the ruined temple on Chen Ji Mountain, and even dispatched him to guard the gate. For so many years, I had never given him any bit of concern or love, so why did he still like me so much?

Where did this deep love come from? That could hide in his heart for so many years…

To wholeheartedly like a person, was he not afraid of… Getting broken-hearted himself? Did he not… Love himself?

I patted my heart and thought that as a ghost, I could still surprisingly feel my heart ache, especially when it should not be.

“Your soul returned, so it’s resolved. For quite a long time, you didn’t come back, I even thought that there was something wrong with our Soul Return Pill.” The little chubby ghost carried the abacus, standing in front of me calculating away: “Just a moment ago, you delayed a little bit of time, although it wasn’t for very long, but you still have to make up for the difference. So calculating, according to your social status, the total is thirteen thousand coins that you’re required to supplement.”

As soon as the money was calculated, all those emotional distresses in my heart were immediately tossed aside.

I turned my head, stared at Little Chubby, and reasoned with him: “The time that I delayed wasn’t even enough to change my clothes! Also, this Soul Return Pill of yours was purchased by me, so shouldn’t it alrea

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