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Ch 54.02

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That year…

What would that kind of scene look like? I was in the middle of the pitch-black night with the bitingly cold, murderous aura from the magical array before the mountain gate. On that step, above the flight of stairs… Did I push him down?

I frowned, trying hard to recall. I really could not remember even a single scene.

At that time, he still had greenish-black scars all over his face. He covered himself in a big black cloak all day long, so that no one could see his face.

I made him spread-eagle like that, did he cry out anxiously? Or astonishingly? Did I kiss his lips? Did I gently caress and stroke his chest? What expressions did he have? Was it shy? Sad? Did he want to resist but welcome it? Or risk death and struggle…

Argh… I really wanted to see the Mo Qing of that time.

I scratched my head repeatedly, I was so angry! How could I forget his joyous appearance while underneath my body!

I let out another deep sigh, right after that an extremely horrible speculation suddenly appeared in my head — Could I really not remember this affair? Or say, after I became a ghost, my memory had already begun to gradually decline, so I forgot about this affair?


As this idea popped up, my heart could not stop producing chills.

I began to count my fingers, calculating what happened after that period of time. However, the more I counted, the more I was unable to hold back the fear in my heart.

I knew that even for the living, with regards to past memories, it would follow the passage of time and gradually fade away. However, I could not distinguish clearly between those things that I had forgotten when I was alive and those things that I had forgotten after I died.

The more contemplative I became, the more confused I was, so my eyebrows furrowed tightly.

“Zhao… Zhao Yao…” Across from me, the scholar softly called out my name, “You… You don’t need to be afraid. Now it’s dawn outside, the bailiffs are all resting, too. Wait until it gets dark, someone will come to interrogate us. We didn’t cause any trouble, so they won’t make it difficult for us. Your… Your money, I will help you pay.”

In the cell next to him, when Née Zhou heard this, she was indignant: “My son! She deceived you, lied to you, just let her be imprisoned here! Still help her pay what money! She owes us, we still have to make her return it! The money from those two Soul Return Pill, she must pay back!”

Oh, well. Up to this point, I killed a Luo Ming Xuan, and when I returned back to the Netherworld, I owed a buttload of debt.

“Mother…” Over yonder, the scholar lowered his head, and embarrassingly said to his mother, “Good… Good or bad, it is still a form of fate.”

“Your heart and soul is just hypnotized by this charming, foxy appearance of hers!”

I thought that what his mother said was reasonable, so I crossed my arms and said to him: “Right now, first, h

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