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Ch 56.01

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

I looked on helplessly as I stared at my former self of that year, just like that, I pressed against Mo Qing and kissed him passionately.

From the beginning to the end, I watched him and me from being unfamiliar to gradually getting familiar, and the lingering touches between those lips and teeth. There was not even a little bit of ambiguity visible in front of me.

It’s amazing that I clearly did not remember this, but it was like in these scenes, I could feel those indescribable sensations of that year; the silky softness, the tepid warmth but deep reserve, the gentleness of melting into one another, and the slight eagerness of plundering each other. You strived to do this while I fought to do that, no effort was spared in the attempt to tantalize each other, to possess the other person, even to the point of suffocation…

In the end, the me in the scene started to suffocate…

So I began to want to catch my breath, but he refused to let me go…

He was not at all like the ugly little monster who was ashamed to come into contact with other people.

In this moment, he possessed a little bit of an aggressive nature. He imprisoned me, and desperately wanted to acquire the nutrients necessary for his life from my place. He threw away his silence, and abandoned his lowliness. He was like a child who was finally given candy during the New Year celebration, and could not wait to taste it.

I could feel his desire. He wanted to swallow this candy into his belly, and have it sequestrate into himself. It was just that he was afraid that if it was a little too late or a little too slow, then this candy would be snatched away by others. However, at the same time, he was also extremely scared. He was scared that if he finished eating this candy, then later on he would never have it again. So he exhausted all methods to make this piece of candy last longer; to taste it much more carefully; to make its impression be engraved deeper within him.

As I watched him kiss me, from the very beginning, my face reddened and my heart quickened, but then afterwards, I was unable to take my eyes away. Even in this moment, I could detect that my heart was hurting a little bit.

I blamed him somewhat, this Ugly Little Monster, how could he do something that could make someone’s heart hurt so much, hmm! Did he carry his own pincers on his body? But no matter how I look at him, he could already make a person’s heart seize.

Nevertheless, this type of crazy kiss did not last for long. I saw my former self got too breathless, so then I suddenly moved my head backwards, and seized the opportunity to push Mo Qing away.

Then I rested my upper body on Mo Qing’s chest like so, propped my head up, and stared drunkenly at him with my hazy but observant eyes.

Mo Qing and I gazed at each other’s faces. After a moment of bewilderment, he turned his head uncomfortably away. He was hiding from me, avoidin

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