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I could not help it but avoid Mo Qing’s gaze, and looked at the wooden-headed puppet beside him.

In this moment, the wooden-headed puppet next to him also turned its head to look at me. Sima Rong’s teasing voice transmitted out from the motionless wooden face: “Ah, so that’s how it is, this matter is indeed more important.”

How did I not know before that this West Mountain Lord of mine could make someone withdraw so quickly in a panic like this?

I coughed and changed the topic: “Today, through Shen Qian Jin’s mirror, I saw West Mountain Lord displaying great power. When did West Mountain Lord get so many wooden-headed puppets?”

“A few days ago, with senior brother’s help, we quickly made the puppets within several nights.” He said, “Now that my body is badly damaged, it’s difficult for me to move about. So using the Mechanical Magic Technique to make several wooden-headed puppets, this can still be regarded as contributing a bit of strength to Wan Lu Sect.”

I told myself even if it was like this, it was still great. He did not need to leave that small courtyard of his and could still help Mo Qing share the burden on this side. After all, being the West Mountain Lord for so many years, Sima Rong’s abilities could not be underestimated.

Sima Rong’s explanation to my question was not yet over, so he explained some more: “Coincidentally, the wooden-headed puppets made in the past few days can also transmit scenes from other places back, so today, I heard that you mentioned the former Sect Leader many times. Previously, I only heard that the former Sect Leader could enter your dreams, so right now, can you also communicate with her during the day?”

Sima Rong, you should be dragged outside and be chopped in half, argh!

Inwardly, I hated Sima Rong to the point of clenching my teeth, but outwardly, I did not even bat an eyelid: “Mhm, maybe she is relatively happier today.” My heart suddenly jolted. I thought, anyways, Mo Qing knew that I was Lu Zhao Yao now. As long as I persisted in straightening my back and he did not expose me, then I would still continue this persistence.

Because… There were absolutely no advantages in exposing it. After all, I still had to use Zhi Yan’s body to continue to communicate with these living people.

Mo Qing swept a glance at me, silently and speechlessly. However, at this moment, a shadow suddenly flashed behind me, kneeling on the ground, respectfully greeting Mo Qing.

I had already seen this person before, he was the newly established chief of the Dark Guards after Mo Qing ascended to the Sect Leader position.

I saw that after he got up, he went straight to Mo Qing’s side and approached his ear to deliver a report. His voice was both soft and quiet. My hand performed the pattern for the Hearing of a Thousand Miles, planning to eavesdrop. I had not even fully utilized it when he had already finished reporting and backed away.

Mo Qing’s complexion suddenly became somew

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