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Ch 49.02

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I had made countless vows.

You had the body of the Golden Immortal. You could live forever and not die. So I wanted to make you never again have a clear-headed day, and never again have the time for other people’s interests. I wanted you to live a life quieter than death.

Without counting that year, I could talk about right now.

I wasted so much effort and spent so many thoughts. I destroyed Jin Zhou City, tore the Ten Great Celestial Sects apart, and ruined the Xian Tai Mountain Convention. What I wanted was to simply have Luo Ming Xuan in a deep eternal sleep.

However, right now someone actually said that the Golden Immortal would probably awaken?

I felt like God was playing a joke on me.

Based on what? Based on the drop of blood left on Liu Su Ruo’s broken sword today?

I restrained my emotions and went back to my room to meditate. Although Mo Qing did say to investigate for solid information, it was the same as saying this information had not been verified yet. I could not be anxious, but had to wait patiently. I controlled myself, and just like this, never before in my life, I had diligently recited the Mindfulness Mantra for three days straight.

In these entire three days, I did not use Zhi Yan’s body, I just sat in the room and silently recited the Mindfulness Mantra.

Waiting until the evening of the fourth day, I heard Guan Yu Tower’s emissary in the next room saying: “The Golden Immortal is awake, the celestial energy fluctuated and swept across half of the land ruled by the celestial sects.”

“Where’d he wake up?”

“It’s still not clear yet.”

Three days and three nights of reciting the Mindfulness Mantra was immediately a wasted effort.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I felt an anger that I had never had in many years, unwillingness and loathsomeness both rushed forth inside my heart. The heart-burning bitter resentment raged like a blaze, burning my internal organs that had long ceased to exist.

Right when night fell, after Zhi Yan finished taking care of Liu Cang Ling, she returned to the room. She was somewhat happy with the corners of her lips lifted: “Although Brother Cang Ling hasn’t woken up yet, but today, South Mountain Lord said that his life is no longer in danger…” She paused her conversation, staring at me, somewhat afraid, “Great, Great Demon King… You… What’s wrong?”

What was wrong with me?

I did not know, nor did I need to know.

My body suddenly flashed. I only felt that after becoming a ghost, my movements had never been so fast. I rushed into Zhi Yan’s body and firmly pushed her out. So much so that her soul appeared to stumble for a bit, careening back a few steps, barely able to float steadily. She rubbed her chest: “Knocking against me, it really hurts… Great Demon King, you…”

“I’m going to the ghost market.”

After leaving these words behind, I immediately used Zhi Yan’s body to wink to the ghost ma

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